What to Do About Erections?

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Dear Jean Marie:

I am a crossdresser, maybe a transsexual, I don’t know for sure. I have a problem I have never seen mentioned in any transgender magazines. I am pretty passable. But, sometimes when I am out in makeup, skirt, blouse, pantyhose, panties and heels-maybe walking on the street or at a nightclub-I get erections. And even tight panties and a skirt won’t hide the noticeable bulge that develops. It’s humiliating and it “outs” me instantly as being, physically at least, a male. Do you know of a cure for this-or have any suggestions?


New Orleans


Dear Amanda:

Yours is not an unusual case. It’s a problem that has afflicted every crossdresser or transsexual at sometime or other.

There is one sure cure, of course. Have a sex change, bingo no more panty bulging penis to worry about. But that is rather extreme, and not too practical if you are a CD. Another sure cure is getting a doctor to write you a prescription for a high-level of female hormones like estrogen. In no time, you will find erections are few and far between. This is not as hard as it sounds. These days there are trans-friendly social workers and endocrinologists who will help you. I have also heard that many men who like being women have had good luck keeping their penis soft by taking mammary extracts orally and rubbing mammary creams on their dick (both are estrogen rich, and order forms for both can be found in this magazine). Or, you might try “tucking.” Tuck your testacles and penis far back between your legs and pull on tight panties. Bingo, you can wear much shorter skirts and if your penis can bulge in that position, it sure won’t show.

Yet another solution is to purchase a prosthetic vagina. (You will find them in Transformation’s Transvestite catalog, for instance.) Not only are they realistic looking, so you can wear short-shorts, but the prosthetic does the tucking for you, and keeps your penis safely confined beneath it.

Good luck,

Jean Marie


This article was originally published in Transformation 57 2006

3 thoughts on “What to Do About Erections?

  1. I understand the information you provided but I have seen fictional TG articles which say there is a procedures which can be done to make the penis and testicals appear to be that of a females. Is this fictional only or is there some procedure which allows one to appear to appear to be a natural female? I always assumed it was fictional but the situation appears in TG fiction over and over. Thanks. Jan

  2. Buy a good quality Gaff. If you tuck properly you will not get a hard on, and if you do you talk about pain. I can wear mine all day for hours along with my hip pads. With all that on I can fill a pair of tight skinny jeans nicely. You would think that I have a puss to look at me. My wife gets real mad cause I can wear sexy jeans skirts etc.

  3. I have taken some ephedrine based products for years now and it does wonders. I wouldn’t recommend taking much at first until you’re comfortable with it. It literally shrivel’s it up into a compact cone shaped turtle head. It also does the same with balls. You could wear a thong with ease. I have average length and above average girth with some pretty low hanging companions and it all pretty much disappears. I’ve found some other useful tools for restraining it comfortably while also taking the ephedrine.

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