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What is Victoria’s Dirty Little Secret?

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The Victoria Veil Interview
by Miss Tasha LaBlush
She has a fierce vitality and straight-up posturing that makes you want to get down on your knees, grovel and be happy in your wicked humbleness. She’s a human Venus flytrap clad in her trademark candy coated, shiny haute latex. She’s a sweet delight to lick and suck like an all-day lollipop (that is if she grants you such tasty favors). She wants more than your body and your abject obedience. She wants to strip away all pretense. She wants to bare your soul and rewire your gray matter. She’s an addictive experience. Her image will replay over and over in your daily fantasies. She’ll have you craving more and more…she has devoured you and you love her for it. She’s the Domina you can’t live without. Transformation cohorts, come along if you dare…she’s the Supreme Goddess Victoria Veil…

Breezy, sensual Domme Victoria Veil, subbies (she calls them “my minions”) everywhere would love to be strictly bound to an immovable chair and interrogated by you. Why is this your favorite kind of session play? What signals does your slave/minion give when you’ve reached the “mind fuck” level? Tell us a little bit how it feels inside your own mind when time no longer matters….you’re mutually living and breathing the suspended moment…you’ve attained an inescapable euphoria…
There are oh-so-many kinds of favorite sessions! I do love interrogations with role-playing. And oh those foot soldiers, mummification, sissy training and OTK (over the knee spanking) are a just a few of my favorites. Signals? There are quite a few different signals. Sometimes it’s a single tear where you can tell the fight is over and the desire to submit takes place, where my minion gives themselves over to the feeling of serving their Goddess. Then there’s hearing a slave gasp for air. Where they come to the understanding that every breath that may follow is a gift – a gift that I bestow upon them and that their continued existence is because I allow it so they can serve me. Those are two signals but one of my favorite is a verbal acknowledgment, when a submissive “cries for more.” When they realize this is what they truly want…it makes me wet!

Let’s spin back the timeline for our Transformation readers.
Let’s explore something we all seek in trans-life…social acceptance. You’re from the Southern New England area. Growing up you said you were “living for acceptance” and later you said, “I’d rather continue breathing!” Both survival statements are taken out of context of course; would you put them in context for us? Please give our readers a little emotional insight into what acceptance came to mean to you.
“Living for acceptance” is simple. I believe this phrase goes to the heart of everyone on the planet. We all want to be how we see ourselves — and be treated with the love, respect and dignity every human being deserves. I grew up in a time and place where not everyone was allowed these basic human rights. Here’s where the second phrase you asked about comes into play. “I’d rather continue breathing” comes from a place where I was forced to make a choice: Transition and be murdered or continue living a double life. It wasn’t pleasant and it was a long time ago, thank goodness. It’s nice to see exponential growth of social acceptance and I’m glad but there is still too much violence against transgendered people today when there is no reason for it.

A T-girl from the North travels to the Deep South of Mississippi. You attended college and you said, “I wanted to experience being on my own.” Besides being a student and adapting to the colorful Southern drawl, what did you learn about yourself in those days of being on your own?
So many things! I learned how to castrate a steer. I learned some of the finer points of dramatics. I learned that ligers, a cross-breed between a lion and tiger, wake up at 2AM. I learned I could drink an entire offensive football line under the table. I also picked up on how a person can love another and be invisible to their heart’s desire. Also, I got a front row seat in how the little things inspire love and how caring a US Marine can be with friends. The learning list from those days can go on and on.

After Mississippi, you moved to Connecticut and commuted to New York City’s gritty Meatpacking District and home to the underground BDSM Hellfire Club (now closed, oh to rue those semen splashed walls). You said you were “into kink” very early on so the Hellfire Club was another learning/earning experience for you? Any particular kinky anecdote to share with us?
Yes, it’s sad Hellfire is no longer open but I did get quite the education in the worldwide realm of kink. I learned Old Guard methods versus New School, mesmerizing hypnosis and many of the Basic Skills I incorporate today! The most important thing I was able to take away and is shared in all my sessions with slovenly minions and slut-puppets is how to really tap into the imagination of a scene. It’s made for some truly exquisite and erotic fun like my “Chocolate Fixes Everything” torture.

Now’s the time for audacious plugs. Tell us about your online store: Do you have any new videos?
Go for it girl, plug away!
Audacious? (Laughs) More like Fantabulous. Here’s the skinny… My membership site is at
What everyone can enjoy are steamy photos and videos of the sexy and fetish variety. Also there is live interaction with my minions. They can make my dreams and their dreams come true!
When they feel like shopping they can visit my boutique store at It’s a treasure trove full of truly unique toys like “Veil’s Vipers,” fantastic corsetry, sexy shoes and access to thousands of other products which is kink! Also, coming in 2014, will be the first of many personal dvd’s!

Explain to us chocoholics, omg, your “Chocolate Fixes Everything” technique.
The CFE torture? Trade secret. (Victoria winks.)

Victoria Veil with her flogger
Goddess Victoria Veil

Victoria was the first transgender entertainer to perform at the Adult Video News (AVN) Expo and continues to break new ground in the trans and fetish community. Find out more about this and her other “Trade secrets” by purchasing your collectible copy of Transformation 87 now!

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