Wendy Williams

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Tell us about how you became Wendy?
I was going to college at Eastern Kentucky University and I met a guy in a class he kept telling me about a bar called “Stonewall” in Huntington, WVA and asked if I wanted to go one weekend. Being naive I said yes and went. I had no idea it was a gay club. I walked in and was amazed that there were so many people I could relate with. As I came around the corner I looked up on stage and seen a woman dancing and asked who she was. My friend said that’s Stephanie St. Claire (who now does Cher and Celine at La Cage in Vegas) and she is a drag queen. I was instantly intrigued.
After about a year of visiting the club and having my first gay experience I still felt weird and awkward. I began go-go dancing as a boy at the club. One Halloween they had a night called Turn-about where all drag performers would do the men jobs and the guys would do drag. Stephanie and Ivana Hump instantly took to me since I was the smallest and most feminine I guess, and that’s how Wendy Williams got her start.
As I continued dressing and performing the emotions and feelings of being a woman began to surface. I started getting silicone injections once I moved to Cincinnati to feminize my facial and body features. Slowly but surely I began dressing every night and weekends and my exterior began to change. I shaved my eyebrows, shaved my legs, started growing my hair out, and getting my acrylics done. I knew that “Shane” was not how I wanted to live and “Wendy” was my choice of living.

What was your first sexual experience like as Wendy?
I was living in Cincinnati and on the weekends I would go to a club to dance. The club was primarily a straight club but was known for the transsexuals, drag queens and TV’s who would frequent. I was standing in the corner and this cute tall blonde guy stood next to me and winked. He asked me what my name was. I was very shy as I was afraid my voice would give away I was a man. After a few moments he asked if I needed a ride home and of course my heart was beating and I was very nervous. On the way to my apartment he said, “I’ve never done anything like this.” I knew instantly he knew the “tea” and things would be okay. I needed to take charge so I slide my hand over his crotch and began caressing the bulge that was growing within his pants. He then took one hand off the wheel and unbottoned his pants and pulled his 8 inch cock out of his boxer shorts. I laid over and began sucking his cock but couldn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted because the whole time I was worried he would notice I was wearing a wig. After a few deep throats and massaging with my hand he exploded down my throat, I was excited and swallowed every drop with much eagerness. Immediately his personality changed as if he was surprised or ashamed. He dropped me off and I never heard from him again.

When did you start living fulltime?
About 4 years ago I started chatting with a guy on AOL. He told me how he lived in Ft. Lauderdale and wanted to date and marry a she-male. After a couple months chatting on the phone and computer, we decided to meet. I flew to Ft. Lauderdale and spent a weekend with him. I was instantly in love.
Now I know I was in love with the idea of having a guy accept me as “Wendy” and not in love with the man who made me feel this acceptance. At this time I was still only dressing when I went out of the house. I had only small B’s from hormones, long hair, no facial hair removal, or extensive hormones.
After a year with him, we broke up and I was devastated not sure whether to live in Florida or return to Cincinnati. During this breakup I had met a great mature transsexual named Robin whom I had met at a local transsexual meeting place. Robin had a great TG shopping website and needed someone to do online marketing and I accepted, eventually I became her roommate and this is where my fulltime life began. Robin financially and emotionally helped me get my life together, implants, hair removal and all the feminine things I needed to live fulltime. Robin was and still is my Angel.

How did you get into porn?
While living in Ohio I had already started up an amateur website, after searching the net I discovered shemaleyum.com and contacted them about doing a shoot. Once I moved to Florida I began doing shoots for other internet websites which led to Joanna Jet (joannajet.com) the Producer of Jet Set Series to cast me in Jet Set 3 and now I have over 10 mainstream videos to my credit.

Sexually what do you like?
Well, in my personal life I prefer to be versatile. I am very attracted to all types of men. I love black, white, latin, asian. I really love the thuggy type of guy who can really bang my ass good and make me feel like a woman. However, I do like submissive men who allow me to dominate and make them suck my fat 7 inches.
In videos I have been primarily the dominant top and I notice that most of my fans enjoy seeing me in control, so I will continue doing what my fans like, Good ole Mistress Wendy.

Tell us about your website!
HotWendyWilliams.com has been in existence for about 3 years. Not only does it have many solo and hardcore photo sets of me but 100’s of my shemale friends. I have a large downloadable video section where you can see me and my friends in hot steamy hardcore action. Videos are mostly in Windows Media format and you can get them in clips or full length format. I also have a “personals” section, Interview Section that has hot interviews with stars like Meghan Chavalier.
I am very happy with the content on my website and work very hard to bring not only fresh new faces but enough stuff to keep my members happy and cumming back for more.

How can your fans reach you?
My fans or friends can always reach me at hotwendywilliams@aol.com. I also love to feature new males all the time with me so I’m always looking for fresh faces and big dicks 🙂

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This article was originally published in Transformation Magazine 61


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