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By Marlayna Lacie

She’s got the look, she’s sporting a nine-inch cock tail hook that will tickle your tonsils and make your pussy-ass cry for more! This trans-gorgeous shemale is young, hung and IZ addicted to hot cock-sex-action of all kinds. When you log on to her award winning website make sure you have a new tube of that slick-dick super lubie and do lay down a plastic tarp and have your favored drip rag close by. YOU ARE GOING TO NEED and WANT THEM ALL! You are going to find and feel your pocket rockets’ fuel balls getting ready for a major cum-trans-blastic experience.
There are three rooms to visit on her site and all of them are filled with Victoria and her rock-cock hard-on stable of stud-fuck and suck-muff boyzzz! And I would be remiss IF I did NOT mention that you will find ‘drain your load’ hot pink (GG) pussy play photos with new to the scene porno star Briana Devil ( and Victoria going at IT that will have you blowing your jimmy cap off!
We have a MOVIES GALLERY where you will find a plethora of DVD’s that feature Victoria fucking and sucking and being fucked and sucked off by hot butt-boys and her sexy gal pals and more. The PICTURES GALLERY is a nonstop cock-grab of images from cum-a-licious photo and video shoots that has Victoria doing it all.
One five finger pony ride has Victoria going over, under and sideways with her going down on cock while another monster dick butt bangs and cream pies her pussy-ass. I was especially impressed with her solo shots and one set has her pouring milk all over herself while she is wearing a day-glo green fishnet beach outfit. The photos are guaranteed to make dicks hard and pussies wet. After I finished reading a few comments in her BLOG I decided it was a no-brainer Marlayna and called Victoria directly as her phone number is posted on her website. Needless, to say it made my day and night when she said to me, “Marlayna, I would consider it an honor, privilege and pleasure to have you interview me for TRANSFORMATION.”

What’s with the images of you pouring milk all over your ebony body girlfriend? And did you get any memorable feedback from admirers of yours after you posted them on your site?
Well, I have always had a thing for playing with food. Maybe it comes from when I was a baby in a high chair! I do not know! Anyway I was doing a photo shoot and I was laying on a purple plastic sheet and I was pouring mustard ketchup and boysenberry jam all over my body. After I showered and cleaned up I was at the fridge and as the photographer opened the front door to leave I exclaimed, “GOT MILK”. The photos tell the story!

At what age did you realize you were NOT like all or most of the other boys in your peer group?
When I was around ten or twelve I started looking and watching my female teachers and realized I was attracted to the feminine image for myself. And like many blooming trannies I was dressing up in my mothers clothes when she was at work.

In grade school did you find yourself attracted to boys, girls or both?
I guess I was a horn-ball waiting to roll because I found myself being attracted to and hot for boys and girls!

At what age did you start getting horny and masturbating to your sexual fantasies and can you share a few of them with us?
If I recall it was when I was around fifteen or sixteen and I was at a bus stop and there was a group of slutty looking girls chatting. They were all talking about how they were going to have a cock-sucking contest and the loser was going to be made to “GO DOWN”on a cum filled pussy. Needless to say this had me crotch grabbing for quite a while.

A follow up question. Did you have positive or negative experiences when you explored and entertained your sexual fantasies?
A few months after I had heard the girls talking about how much fun it was to have a suck on a hard cock and make it CUM. I was at the park watching some guys playing soccer and after the game most had left. One of the guys asked me IF I wanted a ride home and when I got in he was pulling down his zipper and he pulled out the first “monster cock” I had ever seen. Before I realized it my face was in his crotch and I was slurping and sucking his pocket-rocket like there was NO tomorrow! He face fucked me and said, “Suck it real, real hard when I tell you to”.
I thought I was in heaven when I felt his cock explode in my mouth blasting my tonsils and filling my tummy with his hot white chocolate jizzim juice!

What was the hi-heeled kicker that made you decide to CUM-OUT and live your life on your own terms?
I found that the more I explored my femininity, the more I became comfortable with it. So basically there was no point in time when I made a big decision per se. One thing I should mention is that when I went in to my first adult bookstore it changed my life.
I am not sure if it was TRANSFORMATION or a magazine called The TRANSVESTIAN. But I recall these publications opened me up to a new world. Trannies with great big hair sporting bold, brazen and wildly exotic make up and stiletto hi heeled boots! Shemales with tits and plastic cocks and wild bizarre fetish outfits and then there were all the models male, female and in between. I just did and followed what my heart and mind told me to do!

In your blog you wrote about Toronto and living there. A few words about your new residence and why you like the town you live in?
I live in and love Toronto because it is a major metropolitan city that is free from racism, homophobia, and whether you are gay, bi, straight or transgendered no one bothers you and it is a live, let live place

A few of your favored sex games and scenarios are?
I really come across the submissive type but my thing is to get me two hot hung guys for a fuck-suck party. What I do is to subtlety take control of them and the situation. Then I become a vanilla dominatrix without the heavy pain, leather whip or cat o nine tails and I have my way with them!

A few words about the cream-pie, cum pussy fun you had doing the “NASTEE” with porno princess Briana Devil please.
The first thing I did when Briana arrived was to take her to my bedroom. She had a mini-skirt on a cute blouse. I hit her with my whorehouse red lipstick, splashed powder and eye liner on her and then decked her out in heels, garter belt, corset and hose and transformed her into a triple XXX class A fuck-slut. Gallery 28 on my site features one of the first of many of our hot photo-sex romps.

Your website is a non-stop shemale diva dick- pull! What inspired you to create it and what does it mean to you?
Well, like you Marlayna, I am a “camera time” whore. A natural born model and I love posing for photos (especially porno ones) and being in front of the camera. It was an easy decision to create my site and I did it for myself, my fans and admirers.

The Hollywood Heaven Wrap here! When and IF you make it to those proverbial “Pearly Gates”. What would you want said about your time and life on this royal purple, panty-ass covered planet?
I would like people to say, “When Victoriaxxx rolled on to the tranny scene, dicks got hard, pussies got panty-soaking wet and the cock crazy bitch was there to enjoy it all!”

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This interview was originally published in Transformation Magazine 62