Transgender friendly clubs and bars in the The Sooner State

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Here’s a pretty good list of transgender friendly bars and nightclubs in Oklahoma. Click on the name and you will be directed to their website. If you’ve been to one of these establishments, feel free to leave a comment. Have fun exploring!

2218 NW 39th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Copa at Habana Inn
2200 NW 40th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

HiLo Club
2218 NW 39th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

New Age Renegade
1649 S Main Street
Tulsa, OK 74119

Club Majestic
124 North Boston Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74103

10 thoughts on “Transgender friendly clubs and bars in the The Sooner State

  1. Looking to find some Transgenders friends in OKC (Oklahoma City) I am new around here! feel free to hit me up 405-510**** we could be friends on Facebook as well!

    1. Thank you for commenting and we hope you are able to find some local friends, but in for the sake of safety I did not publish your phone number. I recommend giving us your Facebook name or using an email address instead.

      1. I was wondering if anyone can help me out with something. I’m looking to meet and make some shemale friends but no where I go I can find anyone. Perhaps someone knows a place where a lot of Ladyboys would go?

        1. All I can really recommend is to head out to a few of the clubs listed and see who you meet. But I also caution you that you may be turning off some girls with your use of “shemale” and “ladyboy” since many trans* people do not care for these terms.
          Good Luck to you!

  2. Looking for transgender friends in the Tulsa area. I have no one to talk to that feels the way I do so I need some love yall

    1. Hey I’m a “straight” guy looking to meet transgender woman for friends and dating hot me up of you are interested 918-332-0691

  3. I’m a 30 y/o bigendered m2f. I’m looking for other transgender, Bigender, crossdresser, or couples (one or both transgender, Bigender, or a crossdresser) for me and my wife to talk to hang out with, and be myself around! If you’re in the OKC area please email me at tgheatherashton@gmail.com!

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