As the leading trassexual erotica producer in the world, Grooby Productions has been involved in the transgender community for 20 years and counting. They are uniquely positioned to collect and share useful resources for the trans community, and help us all get to know the real personalities of trans models, producers, directors, writers, and photographers. After their first guest edited edition of Transformation in 2015 we were thrilled to work with this amazing company again, and we are sure you'll love this very special Grooby Edition!

Guest Editor Kristel Penn
2016 has been a milestone year for Grooby so far. We celebrated our 20th anniversary this past August with a swanky party here in Hollywood and it’s hard to believe we’re already looking to the year ahead for new ventures and stories to share. We’d like this issue to bridge the gap between porn and the rest of the world. Our mission is to entertain, educate, share resources, and of course, titillate our readers. We hope you read the pages of Transformation with pride - whether on the bus on your way to work, at the coffee shop, in the bedroom, or any other place you feel brave enough to be yourself.
Founding Editor Jeri Lee
Transformation is issuing a first-class publication to help you explain without fear or embarrassment what crossdressing is all about. It can be shown to a friend, lover, or a family member to help explain who we are and what we’re about. We want to bring to you important information, ideas, stories, articles, news and, of course, beautiful photos of real people. Our large distribution to the mainstream market will, in turn, help us to be known for who we really are, and better understood by the public at large. It’s time for us to step out, and be counted.
Editor in Chief Hanna Rodgers
Unique titles like Transformation would not exist without founder Jeri Lee who, like so many of you, enjoyed crossdressing, and sexual expression. Sadly, on July 17, 2016 Jeri Lee quietly passed away at home, surrounded by loved ones. Though he spent his whole life fighting for what he believed in, what he enjoyed, and for all of us to live in a world more accepting and understanding of alternative lifestyles, this was the one fight he could not win. There is no way to know the impact Jeri had on the crossdressing and transgender communities but needless to say it was immense and the effects of his legacy will continue for generations to come.


Interview w/ Morgan Bailey
Morgan Bailey Bares All to Steven Grooby in a personal talk that goes beyond creating porn and into her personal experience as a trans woman.
Interview w/ Jen Richards
Becca Benz chats with writer and actor Jen Richards about Emmy nominated Our Story, which follows the dating life of two transgender women in Los Angeles.
Interview w/ Krissy Kyung
Highly successful model and blogger Krissy4U dishes on her longevity in the adult industry, and her love for dining in the Pacific Northwest.
Tips & Tricks
Isabella Sorrenti has 10 Beauty Hacks Anyone Will Appreciate to keep you looking your very best, while Aunt Randi discusses Your Feminine Face.
Hot Photos
From covergirl Jenna Tales to Top Models to Watch in 2017 to FemOut.XXX this issue is packed with sexy Tgirls who can be seen on ShemaleYum.com, Tgirls.porn, Shemale-Japan.com, Bobs-Tgirls.com, Shemale.XXX, and many more.
Popular regular columns like Ask Aunt Randi and Sexually Speaking by Mistress Samantha answer your questions about dressing, sex, and more!