Transformation 98: 4th Annual Sexy Swim Issue with @JessicaFappit

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I got my first bikini when I was 12 years old and to this day I remember the conflicting feelings which arose from this milestone event. On one hand, I suddenly felt grown up, like I was finally transforming from awkward pre-teen into a young woman, but at the same time I also became acutely aware of every inch of my body, and began judging it harshly. Our perfection obsessed media and culture tells us it is shameful to show our body if it does not conform to society’s unrealistic standards and by being brave enough to do so opens one up to ruthless (and unfounded) criticism. This is true across the board for women, but especially so for Trans women who are caught in the paradox of being hyper visible—every move scrutinized by the media and politicians—while at the same time being socially invisible and discriminated against.

So what are we to do in order to fight these stigmas, both culturally and personally? For me the answer was easy: publish a swimsuit issue celebrating the beauty of Trans people in order to show to the world that it is possible to love the body you inhabit. So here we are, four years later and still going strong with another unique collection of bikini clad bombshells who not only found the strength to transition but are also courageous enough to share that journey with all of you. We asked the models about their personal experiences with transitioning, staying in shape, and their proudest accomplishments to illustrate that looking and feeling good comes from a combination of caring for what is on the inside as well as the outside.

Congratulations to sexy bunny Jessica Fappit, our 4th Sexy Swim Cover Model
Congratulations to sexy bunny Jessica Fappit, our 4th Sexy Swim Cover Model

This year’s cover model is independent performer and producer Jessica Fappit, an adorably sexy girl-next-door with an incredible work ethic and unique porn philosophy. We have admired Ms. Fappit for some time now and when we saw how much time and effort she put into shaping up and photographing her already hot body we knew she deserved one of our covers. And don’t let Jessica’s innocent looks throw you off because this self-proclaimed butt slut is one horny girl and has plenty of clips to prove it! So be sure to check her out online and of course, get your copy of Transformation 98 now!

Thanks to all of my readers for your continued support, and to all of the contributors who keep Transformation fun, fresh, and sexy! I hope you enjoy our 4th Annual Sexy Swim issue because I had a blast putting it together for you. Now, get out those bikinis and strut your hot stuff!!