Transformation 96: The International Issue

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Transformation Magazine is pleased to announce the 1st ever International Issue. This issue features 20+ girls from every continent on the planet PLUS part 1 of a special 2-part series of interviews. (Read part 2 of each interview online in the weeks to come!)

Transformation 96

“The idea of an International Issue is to show how truly global trans beauty is. From the United States to France, from Brazil to Russia we searched for the best representatives to give a diverse look at what’s going on in different landscapes,” said Hanna Rodgers, editor-in-chief of Transformation.

In order to obtain a wide variety of content, Transformation used crowd sourcing and encouraged readers to submit people who they wanted to hear from. The International Model Search was born, and girls from all over the globe were submitted to the magazine in the following weeks.

“As you probably know we have been talking about gender identity and expression for over 20 years but it seems as though these topics are only recently coming to the surface for many others, especially those outside of the LGBT community, both domestically and abroad. And even though we have always been a U.S. based publication Transformation has always done its best to cover all aspects of gender from all corners of the globe, to show that the struggle for equality, understanding, and acceptance is universal,” said Rodgers.

Progress can be slow, but it is gained each and every day thanks to the people seen in this issue who represent trans life where they live and who show the true meaning of beauty, international or otherwise. For the first time ever, Transformation will publish a special two part series of interviews, 50% in print and 50% online:

The ladies of Transformation 96

Europe: Lina Cavalli (Russia), Sadie Kross (Finland), Kimber Lee (Germany), Angelina Valls (France), Judith Wilde (Spain)

Africa: Cleopatra Kambugu (Uganda), Audrey Mbugua (Kenya)

Asia: Shelbe Chang (Taiwan), Jennifer Wang (Hong Kong), Fish (Thailand), Mimi Glamour (Philippines)

North America: Shemale Allison (Canada), Trixxy Von Tease (USA), Mona Vela (Mexico), Eva Cassini (USA), Jacquie Blu (Cherokee), Daveena Badree (Trinidad and Tobago)

South America: Bianka Nascimento (Brazil), Nikki Montero (Chile)

Australia: Marissa Minx (Australia)

It is these warriors who are celebrated in this issue, the ones living their authenticity, being visible every day despite the risks, standing tall in the face of adversity in order to blaze a trail for those who may be too frightened to do so.

The cover of Issue 96 features Amonphan Wauchakool aka Fish aka @ShemaleFish of Thailand who was submitted in the International Model Search by Bob of Bob’s Tgirls.

“My photographer in Thailand introduced me to her over Skype once when she was there for a shoot. She and I have kept in touch since. She seems genuinely sweet and is obviously beautiful,” said Bob.

“After receiving all of the submissions, we loved how Fish really took the time to show us the culture of Thailand,” said Rodgers.

Fish was beyond ecstatic when she heard the news, “OMG ! Really ? I just can’t believe this ……….This is amazing news and I am so excited. I just can’t wait to see myself on the cover!”

Following the geographic theme throughout the issue, Transformation 96 takes a snapshot of global histories, news, events and progress that has been made. Included are maps courtesy of the Movement Advancement Project or MAP ( showing the geographic trends of laws in the United States.  Transformation also has a worldwide look at transgender surgeries. A special feature on cultural beauty hacks reveals secrets from every corner of the globe. “The Cultures of Herstory” depicts historical accounts and stories of a third gender in various contexts. “Reigning Over What’s Right” features the Queens of Ireland and England; Panti Bliss and Asifa Lahore as they answer the call for gay rights in Europe.

As always, Transformation 96 features it’s reader letters, correspondence corner, columns and articles. Michelle Austin encourages readers to keep dreaming in her editorial “Tgirls Life” and interviews photographer, videographer and director Ames Bexxx in the “FTM Spotlight”. In “Girl Talk” Randi June establishes some foundations for your feminine figure. June also answers reader letters in her column “Ask Aunt Randi”. Sally Bend reviews “Everybody Knows: Transgender Love Stories”, by Giselle Renarde, in her column “Bending the Bookshelf”.

Transformation 96 includes images from so many great photographers. Adam Bouska, Altomic Visuals, Damien Cain, Chokchai, Isa De Luik, Endla Studio Tallinn, Manuel Jacob, Jade, Las Vegas Chicas, Samantha Lauzon, Andy Luvers, Pentti Manninen, Sam Melborne, Katy Migiro (Reuters), Gregory Neudecker, Otola Photography, Marcelo Panda, Alessandro Pelosi, Phillip Rivers, James Smith, Lennart Takanen, Touch Brandon and Johnny Von Wallström all helped to make Transformation 96 possible.

That which unites us all is our shared calling to carry the fire of trans acceptance and recognition to every corner of the globe. Together we will keep it alight forever.


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