Transformation 96 (Part Two): A chat with @TSJacquie of The Cherokee Nation

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The people you see in this issue illustrate trans life in their corner of the world, and help show us the true meaning of beauty, international or otherwise. Our two part interviews cover both the cultural heritage and personal beliefs of these brave individuals, and inspire greater understanding of transgender experiences around the world.

Jacquie Blu, The Cherokee Nation (USA)

PHOTO CREDIT: Altomic Visuals

Part one of this interview can be found in Transformation 96: The International Issue

What do you like to do in your free time? I love modeling for still photography and video. I like going to Hamburger Mary’s on “Tgirl Nights” to hang and dance with my friends. I like to surf the web. I like computer games. I love going to the beach and working on my tan. I love going to concerts and going to the movies. I love going out to dinner with some pleasant company. I like long, slow, passionate nights. I like well endowed men. I love Trans girls and females. I love being bi. I love being me.

What are you the most proud of so far in your life? What are you working towards now? I have known I was a girl ever since I was 4 or 5 years old. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was being led around in one direction while my heart and spirit was going someplace else. Even though it presented a whole new set of challenges, the best decision I ever made was to allow myself to be myself. I have never looked back. I have been living as a woman full-time for 11 years as of July 2015. It wasn’t a gradual thing. It happened, literally, overnight. There came a day when I realized I could no longer go on the way I had been. I could no longer play the game. I could no longer wear the mask. I could no longer keep trying to pretend to be someone I never was. I had to allow myself to be myself or I was going to die. I made the right decision.

Now, I’m working towards an expanding modeling career in the Trans adult industry. I’ve done a bit of work in porn before, but only on a small scale. I’m looking forward to expanding my horizons and all of yours as well.

Describe the 2-3 events that most shaped your life. The Beatles had perhaps the most major influence on my life since early childhood. They and their producer, George Martin, taught me everything I know about recorded music. They are the reason why I have always been in the entertainment field in one form or another.

Jacquie Blu of The Cherokee Nation, USA (Photo: Altomic Visuals)

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? Best gift? The best advice I have ever received came when I was about 5 years old. My brother and I had some kind of something going on, I don’t quite remember all the details. Apparently, I had done something to my brother. When my Mom confronted me, she asked “How would you feel if someone did that to you?” I quickly realized that, no, I really wouldn’t like it at all. That has stuck with me all my life.

The best gift I ever received was a genuine Beatles Tour jacket from 1965 in pristine condition for Christmas. I wore that thing everywhere for years. I knew a few very envious people. Lol

 What gets you riled up enough to lose your temper? Stealing from me and lying to me are the worst things you can do. I have no tolerance for such behavior. If you are going to steal or lie to me once, you will do it again. It only takes once and my trust is gone. Goodbye.

 You would never catch me wearing _____ Boxer shorts.

 Who do you most admire? I believe one of the people I most admire is Jackie Chan. He does what he does with no special effects, wires or CGI. He has sustained so many injuries and broken bones and he still keeps going. I had been in a nasty accident several years back where a car hit me on my motorcycle. I was twisted and mangled pretty badly. First, I was dead for 10 minutes. Then I was in a coma for two and a half weeks. After that, they were telling me I may never walk again. I told my physician that was unacceptable. It took almost 4 years, but I finally got out of that wheelchair. Jackie Chan inspired me to keep going, despite the injuries and to overcome things that would keep most people down.

Part one of this interview can be found in Transformation 96: The International Issue