Transformation 96 (Part Two): A chat with @ShemaleAllison of #Canada

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The people you see in this issue illustrate trans life in their corner of the world, and help show us the true meaning of beauty, international or otherwise. Our two part interviews cover both the cultural heritage and personal beliefs of these brave individuals, and inspire greater understanding of transgender experiences around the world.

Shemale Allison, Canada

TWITTER: @ShemaleAllison
PHOTO CREDIT: Samantha Lauzon

Part one of this interview can be found in Transformation 96: The International Issue

We can’t express how much we love Canada. ALL the hot Canadian girls make cold winters warm! Tasha Jones, Blair Ryder, Chloe Rose, Casey Lay, Olivia, Tropicana, Jizelle…the list goes on and on. We could probably dedicate an entire issue to our neighbors to the north, but today we give you just a slice of all the awesomeness that awaits in Canada. We are pleased to introduce Shemale Allison of Toronto.

What do you like to do in your free time? I love playing video games. I’m deliriously addicted to Tomb Raider for 360 right now. I actually own a PS3/PS4, a 360 and an Xbox One. I’m addicted.

Do you have any fantasies? My main fantasy is an outdoor one. I love the idea of a hot, fit guy walking up to me in the park with his big cock out. Taking me by the hand and into the bush and having hot passionate sex with me. He has to have a bigger cock than me though, I mean it’s a fantasy, right?!? lol

What are you the most proud of so far in your life? What are you working towards now? I am most proud of being true to myself. I am very open about my sex worker past. I get very angry when people think it’s there place to judge or pass judgement. I try to be as open as possible in hopes of helping other girls to stop feeling ashamed of what they did to transition or to survive.

Shemale Allison of Canada (Photo: Samantha Lauzon)

Best gift? Best gift I ever received was from my nieces. My mother passed away in 2014 and my nieces for Christmas found a bunch of photos of us and my mom that I hadn’t seen in years and framed it for me. Even though the glass broke I still hung it up on my wall. I still walk past and touch the photos and say hello to my mom.

What gets you riled up enough to lose your temper? I can’t stand stupid people. By that I mean ignorant people who just pass judgment and are mean spirited towards others it’s sad to me. I was bullied as a kid and now as an adult I don’t put up with it at all.

Be sure to check out Allison’s Youtube channel for more in depth chats:

Part one of this interview can be found in Transformation 96: The International Issue