Transformation 96 (Part Two): A chat with @AngelinaValls of France

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The people you see in this issue illustrate trans life in their corner of the world, and help show us the true meaning of beauty, international or otherwise. Our two part interviews cover both the cultural heritage and personal beliefs of these brave individuals, and inspire greater understanding of transgender experiences around the world.

Angelina Valls, France

TWITTER: @AngelinaValls
PHOTO CREDIT: Angelina Valls

Part one of this interview can be found in Transformation 96: The International Issue

What do you like to do in your free time? Traveling is my favorite thing to do! I love to travel all over the world and learn from different cultures i’m always fascinated about all the treasures the world.

What are some hot topics in your area? Sea, Sex & Sun.

What gets you riled up enough to lose your temper? Lies & inconsiderate people.

Who do you most admire? Whitney Houston

Fitness/beauty/cooking/etc. is very important to you. What are some of your top tips? Cooking!! I love spending time in the kitchen to prepare a good meal for my friends! Top Tips? Hum, ”You ain’t gonna like that, put mayo anywhere you can! Pasta, Fries, Pizza, Bread whatever you can find lol.”

Can you tell me about your family? Parents, siblings, extended? How did they influence who you are? I have the best family I could ever asked for, my mum & sister had always been my inspirations and role models, I’m still trying to find one of my sister’s flaws but I just can’t find any lol. She’s nearly perfect in my eyes. My family raised me with strong values and taught me to always be a good person (just like them) and I do my best everyday to follow what they taught me. To be the best I can in everything I do, and above all, to be always nice and kind to those who cross my path.

Part one of this interview can be found in Transformation 96: The International Issue