Transformation 100: Celebrating our 30th Anniversary!

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Welcome to our historic 100th issue!

I can hardly believe we have made it this far, 30 years and 100 issues in print, and still going strong! Even with newsstands closing and print costs rising, the support from the community and readers just like you have kept us going with inspiring stories and heartfelt appreciation for all that we do. There were countless people, events, and topics we hoped to cover in this issue, and while we were unable to include them all I believe you will be ecstatic with everything in this feature packed special edition. And what are these features you ask? Read on below for a sampling!

Just some of what you will find inside Transformation 100:

  • With the recent passing of founding editor Jeri Lee we pay special tribute to the man who began it all.
  • TS Raquel Star gets all tied up by photographer Lord Morpheous in an homage to Centurian’s bondage beginnings.
  • Longtime contributing photographer Al Tom shares a “Luscious in Lingerie” photo feature with models such as Isabella Sorrenti, Michelle Austin, Miran, and many more sexy ladies.
  • Delve into history with “The Past, Present, and Future of Transformation” and see what is coming in 2017!
  • Becca Benz discusses the question of “Too old to transition?” in her Through the Benz column.
  • Steven Grooby gets up close and personal with rising starlet Natalie Mars.
  • Part Two of Becca Benz’s interview with Krissy Kyung gets deep into philosophical waters and the issues facing transgender people in today’s PC culture.
  • Irv O. Neil interviews Veronica Vera, the legendary dean of Miss Vera’s Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls, which celebrates its 25th Anniversary in 2017.
  • Artist Veronica Nicole transforms not only herself, but also found furniture and creates functional art that is simply out of this world.
  • Plus, we have the usual Readers Letters, columns from Randi June, Recommended reading from Centurian, news, events, and a special gallery of Naughty Illustrations from our art vault!

2016 was a year filled with upheaval and challenges for all of us, and for me especially, the death of Jeri hit hard. The loss of my mentor and guide gave me pause to think about the direction of the company he created and which I now lead. With almost no experience in the BDSM or transgender community I had no idea the steep learning curve ahead, but I’ve done my best to modernize Centurian while maintaining Jeri’s vision as faithfully as I can. Jeri did not just encourage readers to enjoy themselves and live life on their own terms; he also boldly set the example by living exactly as he wanted and enjoying every minute of it. When I recognized that I was not  enjoying who I was in the role of editor and that my life was getting shorter every day I made the difficult decision to move into other areas of business which required my attention.

When I came on board at Centurian I committed to producing Transformation and making it the best publication I could, but despite my creative ideas and vision I lacked the network and resources to really take this groundbreaking magazine to the next level. Transformation has always been about uniting and supporting our community, and giving people an opportunity to have a voice, but it is time for someone new to take the lead into our next 100 issues. I have recently appointed Kristel Penn to be our new editor, beginning with Issue #101. As the Editorial Director for Grooby with two guest edited issues of Transformation under her belt, Kristel has shown time and again her passion for, and dedication to, the transgender community and I am confident that she will bring a fresh perspective to our pages while upholding the integrity of Jeri’s philosophy. There are big changes coming in 2017 and I’m very excited for the future!

But before we get to the future I must take a few moments to thank those who have helped get Transformation to its landmark 100th issue. From writers and photographers to editors and artists, this is your proud moment because none of it could have happened without you! So a huge thank you to: Marlayna Lacie, Patrick Barnes, Tasha LaBlush, Angela Deming, Jim Waldo, Joseph Priebe, Caramel Black, Shelbe Chang, Gia Darling, Zachary F. Volkert, Al Tom, Scott Trekauskas, Michelle Austin, Dusti Cunningham, Krissy Kyung, Third World Media, Buddy Wood, Becca Benz, Isabella Sorrenti, Damien Cain, James Smith, Sally Bend, Randi June, Feline Design Inc., Radius Dark, Janiece Adonai, Cici, Kayleen Taylor, Jordan Lubek, Mistress Samantha, Marcus Reed, Otola Photography, Lord Morpheous, Irv O. Neil, the whole staff at Grooby, and all of the wonderful models who have graced our pages.

Transformation #100 hits newsstands on January 17th, 2017 but you can order your copy right now! Click Here to Order