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You are an absolutely stunning girl!  When did you decide to get into the adult industry?

I decided to get into the adult industry back in April 2011. I hit a rough patch in life losing my job, car, and girlfriend all within one month. It was heart breaking to say the least because it took me over three years to get that far in life only to have it taken away from me in one swoop. I had a great girlfriend but she was against the whole adult industry. I didn’t want to lose her but I still had the urge to do porn. I also was struggling to decide if I wanted to be out there forever online and in DVD’s or if I would prefer a quiet life and be an example that not all TS girls have to do porn. After finally confronting my feelings and having lost my girlfriend I felt it was the right time to do adult film. Apparently I blew up when I came on the scene and people enjoyed my work so I signed a contract with SMC and have been working in the adult entertainment field ever since. I’m still young, still attractive and I plan on making porn and pleasing fans and friends for a long time; it just so happens I love this job!

Do you enjoy being in the industry?

Yes I do, for the most part. I love meeting new people and getting intimate with a lot of the girls. I am a very sexual person so I feel this line of work fits me, though this job is ultimately a means to an end. I can’t do porn forever and too many of the girls throw all their eggs into one basket. I am still a college student and still planning on having a mostly normal life with a wife, house, and nice car. I do also want to get the rest of my surgeries done so this job helps with all those goals.

How has the porn industry affected your personal life?

Well it makes it even easier to get laid (though it wasn’t hard before), but hard to find a real long term relationship. Luckily I currently have a girlfriend whom I love. I met her in LA and she is fine with my choices. Members of my family that do know do not necessarily approve but still love me regardless and my friends just don’t care what I do. They think whatever makes me happiest is what I should strive for. So my life is pretty good despite the hardships in finding a mate when you’re single. It takes a great girl to allow you to be with her while you have sex with others for money. But my girlfriend knows it’s just another job and as long as I come home to her exclusively then I’m in good shape.

Would you even get into a relationship while working in the adult industry? Would you date someone who also works in the adult industry?

Yes. I actually have dated a few girls who have been in the adult industry; Sarina Valentina, my current girlfriend Addy Rose, and I was supposed to go on a date with Ashlynn Leigh at some point. I think dating other people in the industry makes it easier due to the fact they can never have an issue with your porn career lest they be a hypocrite.

In relationships, are you usually the one to take the lead? Would you go as far to say that you’re basically dominant?

It depends. I am mostly into women (both biological and trans) and if I’m with a woman, I like to switch. I love women and have no trouble being more dominant or submissive, but generally things are pretty equal. Sexually I will top or bottom to/with a woman. If  I were to be with a guy, I would be strictly submissive in bed, but dominant out of it.

What is your sexual preference – men, women, TS or does gender not really matter?

My preferred sexual partner would be TS. I love Transsexual women, but I love all girls. My current girlfriend is TS and I like them because I love women. I also have no preference if they are pre-op or post-op but I do favor pre-op. There are just so many sexual things I can do with them, plus I feel since we are both trans there is a strong connection and understanding that men and biological women can’t understand. I do like to be handled rough by men, but my preference is still women.


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Tiffany Starr