The Future of Gender

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What does it take to be featured in Transformation Magazine?

As the longest running TG/TS/CD/Drag magazine in the world we are always on the lookout for intriguing people with positive stories about their physical, emotional, or spiritual transformation. Every page in our magazine is a valuable opportunity for you to promote and market yourself however landing a spot on the cover of Transformation can be very competitive, and I have the incredibly difficult job of choosing between far too many beautiful models (tough job to have, right?). Here are some tips to get you going in the right direction to be considered for a feature or even a cover.

  1. Think about your goals as a model and what you would like your feature to convey about you. Print publications are a wonderful medium for sharing personal, inspiring stories and showing your fans more of what makes you special and unique. Magazine features are PR and publicity for your brand, your website, or your business and help lend credibility to everything you do so make the most of it. Spend a few minutes coming up with a unique angle for your story and be as creative as you can. If you aren’t sure about what to do just ask us and we will work with you to come up with ideas.
  2. Shoot with photographers we have already published; they are familiar with our magazine, our goals, and are generally eager to work with Tgirls. And who are these wonderful and talented people? Damien Cain, Remy X, Al Tom, Scott Trekauskas, Dusti Cunningham, and James Smith, to name just a few.
  3. In order for pictures to be printed optimally they should be shot at 150dpi, but we can work with pretty much any photo as long as they are large format (minimum 1MB) in lower resolution. (Most newer smart phones can take pictures large enough but you may have to adjust some of your settings. And Apps like Camera+ give you four photo quality options) In order to be considered for a cover the photos must be shot in high resolution (300dpi ideally) and framed with space around and above your head (we need room for the Transformation masthead and story callouts).
  4. Magazine covers are much like movie posters, they are a marketing tool designed to help us generate sales, therefore we are seeking beauty, cutting-edge glamor and smoldering eye contact which will draw in readers and help us sell more magazines. Cover shoots must be more editorial in style rather than simply focusing on your body and sexuality. If you are not sure what this means just take a look at a current newsstand and see what other magazines are doing and what inspires you to buy.

As a quarterly publication there are only four cover slots available per year but don’t let that deter you! Any feature in print is highly valuable and we are always looking for interesting stories and beautiful photo sets. If you offer beauty or support services, peer counseling, shopping advice, transition tips, or have a business in need of exposure then the trans* community should know about you and we can help get the word out.

All it takes is contacting the Editor by using the form below: