The Big Opening Of “Transfix” At Club Cobra

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First off, Wow, I never thought I would have the
opportunity to write an article for a magazine, and to have the
opportunity to write for “Transformation” is such a privilege!!
Speaking of Transformation magazine, let me tell you all, lovely
readers, my first encounter with this magazine was embarrassing yet
funny, and a tale that I will divulge later down the road… but
for now, back to the highlight of the Los Angeles nightclub scene,
the all new Transfix! Transfix is a weekly event dedicated not only
to our transgender community but also to our admirers. We are a
place that opens its doors to people that enjoy and embrace
crossdressing and are looking for a place to come &
liberate their alter ego. We gladly welcome curious bystanders that
want to experience the phenomena without becoming part of it. The
Transfix party takes place every Thursday at Cobra Night Club, which
was notorious for being the previous host to Goddess, a very
popular & successful transgender party that has since
relocated. If you happened to be there back then you will notice
that Cobra has since been renovated completely and turned into an
upscale bar; the perfect place for Transfix. The goal of Transfix
is not only to entertain but also to employ our community. That’s
why it is totally run by transgender girls. It features bartenders
and waitresses dressed in matching outfits according to the theme
of the night, and for our big opening we decided to have them dress
as playboy bunnies. Our Burlesque-like show features the most
talented performers in LA. It includes back-up dancers &
elaborate handmade outfits crafted out of feathers and Swarovski
rhinestones that visually compliment the beautiful Tgirls and form
part of our musical spectacle. We had very important &
popular people that attended our big opening, amongst the included
guests was the always smiley Jamie Jameson, host of “TGirl” party
night at Hamburger Mary’s, Leslie Monroy, the host of “Goddess” at
MJ’s, Danielle Foxxx, International porn star who has been featured
on the cover of TRANSFORMATION twice!!! We also enjoyed the company
of the ever popular Mr. Bob Maverick, owner of one of the biggest
trans websites, along with Espy Lopez from
Classic Curves, to name just a few. Overall it was a fun and laid
back evening full of great music, beautiful girls, good looking
guys, mouthwatering drinks, and lovely friends and familiar faces
that made it a special night to remember. I do look forward to
seeing all of you local people and visitors that come to sunny LA.
Can’t wait to hug you and welcome you to TRANSFIX, a place where
you can be yourself & dance the night away. A special thank
you shout out to Mr. Julio Licon, Manager of Club Cobra, and
especially Marlayna Lacie and Photo Al who covered the event for
Transformation; the support I have received from you has been my
biggest motivation. And last but not least… YOU! Yeah, you who
are reading this magazine. Thank you for being a subscriber and
keeping this magazine running. You are awesome. Thank you
Transformation magazine for being my first. I hope it’s not the
last time. Love to you all!

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[PHOTOS] Photo Al (Altomic and Scott Trekauskas ( photo)
[PHOTOS] Photo Al (Altomic and Scott Trekauskas (

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