Transformation 100: Celebrating our 30th Anniversary!

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Welcome to our historic 100th issue! I can hardly believe we have made it this far, 30 years and 100 issues in print, and still going strong! Even with newsstands closing and print costs rising, the support from the community and readers just like you have kept us going with inspiring stories and heartfelt appreciation […]

Transformation 98: 4th Annual Sexy Swim Issue with @JessicaFappit

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I got my first bikini when I was 12 years old and to this day I remember the conflicting feelings which arose from this milestone event. On one hand, I suddenly felt grown up, like I was finally transforming from awkward pre-teen into a young woman, but at the same time I also became acutely […]

The Future of Gender

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What does it take to be featured in Transformation Magazine? As the longest running TG/TS/CD/Drag magazine in the world we are always on the lookout for intriguing people with positive stories about their physical, emotional, or spiritual transformation. Every page in our magazine is a valuable opportunity for you to promote and market yourself however […]