Nitrilla: Living Life on Her Own Terms

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By Marlayana Lacie

I just am bonkers over your name! Where did you find it and what does it mean to you?

I got my name from an Organic Chemistry book. The functional group called Nitrile sparked my attention because of its rare occurring triple bond between its Carbon and Nitrogen atoms. So I dropped the “e” in Nitrile and added an “la” and came up with Nitrilla.

When did you first realize that you wanted to be a woman?
When I went to Kindergarten I realized that I wasn’t a girl, then my desire to become one became apparent. I then rejected being a boy and started to dress like a girl.

What do you enjoy most about being a woman?
Controlling Men.

How did the nude magician act that you have begin?
I started out with drag performances at local bars. The magic was added later and found the misdirection to be perfect.

How did you get involved in doing cam shows on the Net?
Once I established myself, the live performances evolved into web cam shows, which I enjoy because I could do them from the comfort of my home.

Do you have clients that come to you for male-to-female transformations? If so, please tell us about a memorable experience.
I have a large amount of phone sex calls and “cam to cam” shows that deal with feminization at least on some level, weather it be becoming the woman they refuse to accept they are or for humiliation purposes. My favorite situation would have to be the time when I talked this man into buying an entire women’s outfit, wearing it and going out dressed up over the course of several web cam shows and phone calls. Today, I got him thinking about starting hormones!

What influenced you to create a transsexual fetish site that explores the B & D/S & M lifestyle?
It was the amount of submissives who came to my web cam shows that made me realize that there is a huge demand for shemale mistresses and fetishes. When I decided to do the web site, I hired the best people in the business. I got the webmaster who designed Shemale Dommes, and the photographer Bill Schwanke who is tops in bondage photography.

Could you elaborate a little on the submissives?
Sure, they seemed to bask in making me happy, making me smile. They wanted to do so much more for me. What might have begun as a simple task like “Have you read that article I asked you too” would soon evolve into “You will have to beg me to lick my feet”. Before you know it they would worship you to unimaginable levels.

What are a few of your favored scenes when you get into serious role-playing?
Domination, forced feminization, and humiliation are among my favorite role-playing scenarios.

What is your favored bondage toy or implements of pain and pleasure?
Without a doubt my whip.

In your dungeon or play space what would we find?
Spanking Bench, St. Andrews Cross, Bondage Chair, and a wide variety of clamps, gags and whips.

Would you please tell us about your first sexual fantasies that were filled with bondage or related activities?
I get picked up in a bar by a fast talking, confident alpha male, who thinks I am easy pickings and a fast lay. We get a hotel room together and in a soft sexy voice I tell him that I am a little nervous and that I would feel much better if I could tie his hands to the bedposts with my stockings before getting undressed. Since he has already put considerable effort into picking me up he consents and throughout the rest of the night I control him through my sexuality until it is I who is laying him.

Do you like to watch yourself in the mirror when you are doing a session where you have a hot hung stud in bondage at your whims and mercy?
Actually, I enjoy making my slaves watch themselves in a mirror as they get abused, humiliated, or feminized by me. It is one thing for my subs to feel abused and another for them to watch themselves being abused.

What goes through your mind during a hot session with one of your fortunate slaves as you dominate them?
It reminds me how symbiotic the relationship between a domme and a submissive really is. There is a huge turn on from the power and control that I am freely given from the sub in a session and I just love it. The sub satisfies his need to serve as well. The point I am making is I need the submissive male, I want the submissive male, and fortunately for me there are a lot of submissive males so I have no problem satisfying my control fetish. The one thing I would never do is date that submissive male.

A few “blatant plugs” for a few of your hot, gal-pals on the scene that you have worked with, respect and admire!
Mistress Alicia from Detroit who is a wonderful host when I visit, my wonderful friend Raquel Fox from Miami, Allanah Starr, and Barbi Satin.

Now, how about giving us the low down and the blow down on your website playmates Kittielashes and Emily?
Emily and Kittielashes are great friends of mine. Both girls have content on my site as well as have preformed numerous web cam shows for my members. Fresh new galleries and updates are coming for both of my girls.

What’s your ice cream doll? What do you live for and what makes your morning, night and day?
I live for being a girl. I love it and don’t take it for granted as I still remember the overwhelming obsessive thoughts of wishing that I were a girl when I was a boy.
Also, I love food especially different ethnic styles, cooking, and fine dining.

Girlfriend, it seems like you are always on the go. What do you do when you need some R & R and down time?
I love traveling, most of the time ending up in Miami. I also enjoy clubbing and the rave scene.

Some advice please for hot, transsexuals out there who aspire to follow in your spiked heel, leather thigh high “DOM” boots.
Planning, hard work, and focus are my secrets.

What current projects have you beating the air with your favorite flogger and your mind on sado-overdrive that you care to share with us?
I am always working to keep as the best transsexual fetish site on the Net by making it even bigger and better with it’s growing number of different fetish galleries, domme shoots and videos.

Please tell our readers how to contact you and what your standards are when it comes to slaves and transsexuals models who would like to work with you.
I am always looking for tall handsome submissive males and hot transsexual fetish models to use in my web site, photo galleries and videos. Contact information and more details are available on my web site at

Let’s wrap it up with you telling us why you feel you are fortunate to be living your “life on your own terms”.
Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to be living life on their own terms, except a slave of course. I love the control, getting what I want, and the freedom that comes with my life, which in turn gives me serenity and my gratitude.

This interview was originally published in Transformation Magazine 62

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