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Where were you born?



What’s your nationality?



What is your profession?

Model and private dancer.


When did you discover you enjoyed being a woman?



What is the most exciting aspect of being a female to you?

I don’t know, just being able to be myself.


Do you date men or women?

Both, mostly tender females.


What part of a womans’ or mans’ body turns you on the most?

The men’s stomach and women’s lips.


You’ve had breast augmentation, what other surgeries will you have?

I had my last surgery about 3 years ago and I have been taking hormones for 10 years.


What makes you mad about other people’s opinion?

Nothing, I don’t let other people bother me, specially ignorant ones.


What is your dream vacation spot, say on a 10-day trip?

Paris, France.


Did you enjoy being photographed?

Yes, I loved it.


Do you have any advice for other Transwomen?

Just be yourself and make your dreams come true.


Any ambitions?

None, except modeling.


This interview was originally published in Transformation 15 July 1997

[PHOTO] Patrick Barnes