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Sweet, Sweet Sunshyne Monroe

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Sweet. Sexy. Cute. Charming. Adorable. Sunshyne Monroe embodies them all with an eagerness and willingness to please in each of her stand out performances. But don’t let her looks fool you, this girl knows how to take charge and get the job done with a sex drive that just won’t quit and an adventurous spirit. Her popularity keeps surging as a result of her dedication to her fans, delighting them with personal pics, an active Twitter feed, and exclusive contests through her website. Add to this the demand from studios and directors who love her unbridled enthusiasm on set and it’s easy to see that Sunshyne will be shining bright for many years to come.

I noticed that you spoke Portuguese in one of your videos…is there some exotic ethnicity in your family that gives you that beautiful and unique look?
This is probably the number one question I’m asked: “What are you?” (laughs) But, yes, my father is Portuguese and my mother is half Dominican and white. With that said, my Portuguese is pretty bad…but my Spanish is a little better.

Define your feelings while you were growing up that made you feel different?
I knew by the age five or six that I was different. I always knew I was a girl and my family knew as well. But my mom did make me wait till I was eighteen to make the change so that I could have a child if I wanted once I got older.

I would imagine that life may have not been easy as you were on your journey to discovery. Did you experience any bullying and how did you resolve that?
When I was in school I would have to say there was not too much. My brother was probably the biggest school bully so if anyone messed with me they messed with him. In my adult life I’d say no because I’m pretty publicly passable and I don’t have too many issues. 9 times out of 10 if people know that I am transgendered it’s because they have seen my films and are a fan of mine.

You have a very distinct “brand” and we all want to know how you went about choosing your name and the overall look of your website.
Well, Sunshyne is a nickname I have had since high school and I just went with it. People would say that when I smiled it was like sunshine came in (lol) and its kinda “my thing” now.The look of the site went well with my image at the time but I feel a change may be in order someday. We are working on a new layout and video right now in fact. I’ve gone through some changes since my site started, not only physically, but I’ve grown a lot sexually in the last year as well. I’d say that in the last 4 months I’ve done the best work I’ve ever done and I’m happy it’s all on my site.

Any new contests planned for 2013? And can you talk about the previous contest where you were convinced to shoot a scene with a fan?
Yes, I am doing another contest this year for my U.S. fans, as well as my followers overseas. Everyone will want to sign up for my website and follow me on Twitter to hear all the latest details on how to enter and win! The last time I selected three lucky fans and asked them all to do a video. Only one had the guts to do it but I had a ball! He was so scared and horny at the same time; it was so cute. I’m in talks now to do a DVD that will be me having fun with fans only…I have my fingers crossed that it will happen soon. 🙂

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