SoCal T-Girls Meet Rocky Horror

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By Shelbe Chang

Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Art Theater Long Beach, an event for SoCal T-girl Fun Events Group hosted and organized by me, Shelbe Chang. It was St. Patty’s special night at their 1,395th show.
The night kicks off with a pre-show gathering at Lola’s Mexican Cuisine in Long Beach. I had a late night dinner and some appetizers with Debbi Lindsey, Jaycee Cruele, Robert Sherry, Stephanie Leah and Toni Tran. This place is TG friendly and their service is awesome.  Their food is authentic Mexican food and their recipes were passed down from grandparents’ generation! The indoor decor is adorable! Very refreshing from your typical run of the mill Mexican food dining places. There’s a beautiful outdoor patio as well. Check them out at
Our next stop before the show was Art Du Vin Wine Bar. We had a good time just hanging out; we took pictures and got to know everyone as we chit chatted over beer and wine. The wines were great and what really stood out is the service. The bartenders were always extremely friendly and very knowledgeable about every single thing on the menu. The bar is TG friendly as well as being a very welcoming and unintimidating place that is neither too fancy nor too casual. Great place to go with a few friends or a date. Check them out at
Just right around 11:30pm, we started getting in line and purchased our tickets. Few more girls and guys showed up, Nikkie, Alina, Dana, Diamond Lane and more.
SHOW TIME right at midnight!! Brandon & Kim, the hosts, took the stage and showcased their duet comedies along with a “SoCal T-Girls” shout out!! Then there’s the famous “Virgin” line for very first timers at the show. Put your hands in the air … and bend over! Ha! Ha! . . . “Go Green” was the theme of the night, all the cast members added some green colors to their costumes and performance. The show also had short documentary about St. Patrick’s Day in the beginning. Throughout the show Rocky’s cast imitate what’s on the big screen with singing, dancing, comedy and throwing “props” to interact with the audience.
When I first put out this event, I received a lot of similar feedback like, “Dang it’s been 20 years since I’ve seen Rocky Horror at the Art Theater. We used to go every weekend in High School.” I’m glad that I was able to bring some old school memories back for some folks. Long Beach Rocky Horror was founded in 1988 at the Balboa Theater in Newport Beach, California. Shortly thereafter, the cast took residence at the Art Theater in Long Beach, where they remained for almost 15 years before moving to three different venues while the Art went through a large, multi-year refurbishment. As of September of 2011, they have once again taken up permanent residence at the Art Theater.
Their cast has had the opportunity to perform at the Hollywood Bowl and on The Drew Carey show, as well as for many private parties. Several of our current performers were featured on the Rocky Horror Picture Show Blu-Ray bonus feature, picture-in-picture show. You can find Long Beach Rocky Horror performing every Saturday night at Midnight at the Art Theatre.
Diego Sanson, who plays Dr. Frank-N-Furter in the show, has been performing with this cast for close to 20 years. He did not start playing the role he plays now until later on.
Since the event, I had become good friends with Diego. He’s quiet and very shy but when performing he becomes a totally different person. Diego said, “I’ve done a lot of things and met a lot of people through Rocky… Rocky has a special place in my heart and has been a huge part of my life. It has has molded me into the person you see today.”
Special thanks to Leif Malmsten, Diego Sanson and and the entire Rocky cast for inviting us and putting on a great show. We had lots fun and look forward to doing this again at one of your Lingerie Nights. Also, thanks to all the girls who provided me event photos.
This event ended wonderfully at 2:30 am, after toucha-toucha-touching and time warping for hours! I I hope to see all of you at one of our next events.


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