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SoCal T-girl Fun Events Group: Photo Shoot with Altomic Visuals

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The SoCal T-girl Fun Events Group is a Social Group for ‘T-Girls’ and friends in Southern California, mainly in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas but other areas are welcome to join. This group was founded October 9, 2012 and is organized by Shelbe Chang. Shelbe wants to make this group fun and comfortable for folks to get together in a very friendly atmosphere to enjoy time with old friends, make new friends, and simply have a nice social time. This group has meet up events at bars, restaurants, lounges, dancing, shopping, shows, movies, Karaoke, photo shoot sessions, etc. Some outdoor activities will be planned for the warmer weather, such as picnics, BBQ’s, beach fun, walks, visits to museums and much more!! Whether you’re a T-girl, trans woman, MTF transsexual, cross dresser, newbie, stepping out of the closet for the first time, out-and-about already, a supportive friend or looking to be one, come join us!
In less than six months the group has hosted or co-hosted events like: Photo shoot with Altomic Visuals, Dinner before Jamie’s T-Girl Tuesday Halloween Party, Revolution Evolution Show Premier, Operation Christmas Child – National Collection Week, Black Friday Shopping 2012, Dim Sum – Sunday Lunch! Let’s eat and chat, Photo shoot with Altomic Visuals-Take 2, Clothing Swap Party and the weekly Roller Skating Fun event hosted by Ronnie Shiq.
After the success from the first photo shoot event on October 20, 2012, Shelbe hosted the second photo shoot event with Al Tom from Altomic Visuals named “Photo shoot with Altomic Visuals, Take 2” at the Hollywood Historic Hotel in LA. It was an affordable photo shoot session mainly for the girls and friends in the community. Anyone who signed up had an hour of photo shoot time and received all photos (100+ photos) from the shoot.
Makeup Artist Irene Panduro also came on board and joined this photo shoot event. She applied full makeup on Shelbe and did touch up on a few girls as well.
The event was an absolute blast with 10 people showing up for the shoot. Al Tom started shooting non-stop from 3:30pm to 10:30pm. It turned into an artistic and social environment on the set while shooting. It was interesting to see all the girls dolled up and posing hot and sexy. A few girls from Chat Chic’s showed up to visit as one of their own posed for photos. At one moment in time, the room was packed with lots of people listening to music and having some laughs.
Shelbe wants to give thanks to Stephanie Diamond, Sassy Parker, Samara Riviera, Isabel, Victoria Goldscale, Mandy Burgundy, Giorgio Bertuccelli, Tina Black, Tomiko Demarchelier and Angelina Lee for showing up at the photo shoot event and for their continued support and help in growing this t-girl group together.
I hope you enjoyed the photos from the most recent photo shoot event and make sure you visit our sites for more candid shots and pictures from the other events.
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