SEXY GRAVITAS: The Domino Presley Interview

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By Tasha LaBlush  Photos by Remy X

She puts the SEX in Transsexual! She puts the PORN in Pornstar! She’s has legions of fans worldwide. She won the Shemale YUM Award for New Model and the Tranny Award for Best New Model. She’s the “it girl” with the sweetest eye candy. She’s going to share with you, dear Transformation readers, her private thoughts…her dignity, her proof that she’s more than just a gorgeous TS babe. She steps out from in front of the camera. She kicks up her Louboutins (oh stop trying to get a cheap shot!) and opens our mascaraed eyes to her personal spin on celebrity life. She’s Miss Domino Presley…

Domino, POW! POW! Loved watching you shoot that Beretta automatic at the firing range. It brings to mind another Domino from a James Bond movie. You certainly have the classy, stunning Bond girl looks. How did you like holding that powerful weapon and blasting away at the target? Did you feel a bit like a Bond girl?

I love holding and shooting powerful guns. Concentrating on the target and then pulling the trigger takes my mind off everything else. It does bond my older brother and I together…so yes, in a way it makes me a Bond girl…and some say I look pretty hot in a bathing suit…

You’ve only been in the adult biz a short time and have received many awards and nominations. Life must feel like a whirlwind for you. Do you have a favorite moment or special award this early in your career?

I got a big surprise this year when I won Model of the Year the second year in a row. It was so unexpected. I had no idea I was even nominated. It made me feel so very honored when the fans awarded me the title again. You started out under a different stage name, Jazmin Aviance.

Can you share with us your transition from Jazmin to Domino? Do you still perform under Jazmin, as well?

Jazmin Aviance is my drag name. I used to perform at a lot of local clubs in Atlanta, Georgia. They’re the clubs that helped me get my start so I still perform for them. Now days, I mostly stick to porn. Btw, (sharpens claws) Drag Queens are way more dramatic and bitchier than TS pornstars!

Have to ask you some girly questions now because Transformation readers would love to know your reactions. What’s the best place for a guy to hit on you and what’s the best pick up line you’ve ever heard?

Hit on me anywhere besides the club and you’re fine. Best and worst pick up line ever: “I can’t let you leave without knowing what the inside of your mouth tastes like.”

What hottie signals do you put out there for a man when you want him to know you’re interested and you want him to make the first move?

I‘m sure to make eye contact with him and flash him a smile. I make it pretty obvious when I’m attracted to someone… but if you don’t have the balls to come up to me and say “hi” then I won’t bother you.

A glamorous performer like you must have a couple of beauty secrets, yes?

Moisturize until the day you die. And the rest are exactly as you put them, secrets…LOL!

Do you have any guilty, naughty pleasures? Do you crave certain foods? When sleeping, do you wear lingerie or in the buff?

I love to masturbate! I’m the only one who can get me off! I crave Sour Skittles. I’ll eat them until my mouth is raw. I sleep in PJ pants and undies and topless. I’m scared of things crawling up my butt when I’m asleep.

Read all of this interview in Transformation 79 May 2012

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Domino Presley [Photo] Remy X


Domino Presley [Photo] Remy X

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