Rubber Is A Girl’s Best Friend

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By Andrea K

[PHOTO] Nina Kingston, Vincent Hymas

Forget Diamonds, Unless of course someone else is buying them for you!! Think Rubber instead! If your perception of wearing rubber conjures up that of only the Fetish Scene or just for “bedroom fun” – then you’re not alone. For that’s how it’s always been – but not now!

Because now you can hit the Streets in a seriously sensual and sexy alternative, by creating your very own daytime chic look or a glamorous evening outfit!

For Street Fashion – Try mixing your rubber with ordinary daytime clothes. This can lead to some very exciting and ultra sexy looks without bordering back into the “night time”.

It’s all about getting the right mix of attitude, everyday outfits and most importantly the right type of rubber gear. This skin tight film can offer so much if you just broaden your outlook upon it.

Firstly though, let’s dispense with the inappropriate and tacky. For a true piece of rubber clothing you’re not looking at the ultra cheap, cling film thin type material (do you have cling film in the US?) – that’s so fine it shows off every last bodily bump and imperfection that only a “glamour” model’s body would hide. Nor are we looking for an entire outfit which would make wearing for more than ten minutes a perspiring nightmare (yeah it gets hot even in London – sometimes!)

So what’s the alternative? – Well there are now an increasingly imaginative number of designers and manufacturers both here in England and in the US than provide designs that bridge the gap between the “fetish” and “high street” (shopping mall) fashion. So firstly why not try a simple skirt. My weakness is for minis and micro skirts whatever the material, but this tight fitting rubber skirt that’s longer than anything else I’ve got, is fantastically sexy to wear – your legs feel caressed each step you take. Try it out with a simple, demure even, satin or cotton blouse. Colours available in rubber can be electric – not just the obligatory Back and Red – so give it a try – we all have something in our wardrobe that matches.

So you’ve got your skirt – dare you venture out in the daytime? What’s it going to feel like once your tightly encased, after an hour or so, what are others reactions around you? Well the effect is fantastic, individual, liberating and for you – just so sexy! True rubber clothing of this thickness is easy to wear – usually zips up tight (no need for squeezing into an almost impossible size) and no need for tons of talcum powder also. It’s highly body shaping without showing your every “detail”!

Simple skirt – no problem. But what else can also work? Well actually a top can be even more stunning and also in other ways less obvious! Get it right and a rubber top can be one of a TGirls most useful items in her wardrobe. A top that’s tight in just the right places can bring out and enhance your real natural cleavage that’s so convincing, even when combined with silicones. This zip up top is my pride and joy, it holds my waist firm, and supports my cleavage like no bra can ever hope – and in a nutshell gives me some real tits I never thought existed. On its own or under an unbuttoned blouse the effect is awesome. Team this with a totally conventional business skirt and matching jacket and you have a very sexy combination.

The key is having the right design and the right size. For this you do need to have your top tailor made, and the rubber has to be also a highgrade thickness.

Though don’t try this with a rubber skirt as well – firstly it’s too much, and secondly you don’t want to succumb to perspiration.

Evening Glamour – OK, I know I just said to avoid too much rubber but for a glamorous evening dress – you need to be considering a one piece dress that’s sexy but does not cover too much of your body, yet has style and couture that differentiates it for just another rubber “uniform”. Seems a tall order – well not necessarily – you just need to choose a dress that has an image, style and cut that you can associate with glamour whatever the fabric may be. Colour will also be very crucial – avoid black – as whilst there is no denying its affinity with the Little Black Dress, as being rubber it will also have a far greater affinity with a fetish image. Choosing an altogether more “feminine” colour is therefore the most important consideration.

So what would I recommend? Well it has to be this 50s style Marilyn Monroe dress in white. (Yeah – a US icon in Europe!). It’s already has an ageless and iconic image of femininity, sexiness and glamour irrespective of the fabric. But in rubber you can transport this to an entirely new and more sensual dimension. OK some of my earlier ground rules apply – the rubber needs to be as thick as possible, it’s a good idea also to have a zip at the back – this avoids an unseemly stretching into it – but also allows you to be pulled and constrained in all the right TGirl places. I choose white because it came in a thicker fabric than Pink, and also it reflected the original dress. There will be less “cleavage” effect than the daytime top – simply because of style and material thickness – but it will still be possible to create some effect.

Walking in it you feel a million dollars, and teaming it up with the right (ok high) heels and jewelry is critical to maintaining an elegant image rather than a fetish image.

Silicone Spray

Spray or not to Spray?

Synonymous with rubber clothes – has to be – Silicone Spray – all the ads, models and glamour pictures use this simple high shine for the typical “rubber effect”. Well it does not have to be that way – quality (thicker rubber) has its own matte sheen (contradiction in terms, I know), but it does not have to shine out for your outfit to work. Especially for your Daytime look. OK if you feel even more adventurous then give it a try – be prepared to be noticed. But this most certainly does not mean you are crossing to the fetish boundary, merely that you exude confidence!

As for Evening Glamour – it’s a must. It’s definitely a boundary worth crossing – it adds to that night time Sparkle, and it’s even greater fun if you can get a good-looking guy to rub you all over after spraying with a soft cloth to bring up your shine!!

What’s Underneath?

Rubber is not forgiving when it comes to showing what you’re wearing underneath, but it’s not insurmountable – the easy answer is nothing but this is neither practical, desirable or feminine.

For the thicker Daytime outfits you may find your normal underwear and corsetry fine, if it shows too much aim for high waist briefs, and also a wide elasticated waist band instead of a corset. For Nighttime glamour you need to be a little more subtle – maybe a matching pair of rubber briefs. No I’m not venturing away from my principle theme here – but there just is something about these fantastically tight fitting briefs that will keep you feeling on the edge of desire for an entire night without anyone else having a clue as to your beaming smile!

Also for any TGirl they hide away a few “bumps” and with such a high waist help to give a fantastic figure to any girl!

So what are you waiting for – go give it a try?

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