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Las Vegas is known as a place where high over the edge avante-grade fashions rule the stage, however, in Japan they have always been on the Samurai swords edge! The best example of the new Tsunami and big central nervous system shock came with the coming out of the extreme transvisual  hantasmagoria! The groups agenda was to be the most famous shock rock band in Southeast Asia. However their enfemme and over the top fashion sensibilities kicked in and things changed! Now it borders on hard rock and metal in thigh high boots.

Phantasmagoria was first formed on November 1, 2004 by Kisaki, the bassist and self appointed leader. Kisaki, who has had experience in many other Visual Kei bands including Stella Maria and La:Sadie’s, invited members who had similar experience. For example, both guitarists Jun and Lori were members of the bands Se’lavy and Mar’derayla, while vocalist Riku and drununer Matoi were both members of Kawon and Hiskarea.

Originally, the drummer for Phantasmagoria was a multi-level musician and classically trained named Shion, who had drummed previously for the band Mist Of Rouge. Unfortunately, due to a foot injury, Shion had to leave the band in February of 2005. Veteran electro kit drummer Matoi, who knew of Phantasmagoria through Riku, served as a temporary support drummer until officially becoming part of the band on March 12 of that year.

Phantasmagoria have so far released one album and eight singles, as well as appeared on numerous compilation albums such as “Shijigen Yuukou Jouyaku,” which featured other wellknown Visual Kei bands such as Vidoll and Metronome.

The band is still alive and goes on tour every summer and has huge followings in Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines and they even have a fan club based in Australia. Look for a new video and release from Phantasmagoria to be released on YouTube!

This article was originally published in Transformation 73 June 2010