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Not My Job: NPR Asks A San Francisco Drag Queen About Queens, N.Y.

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This weekend on one of my favorite NPR shows, “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me”, did something unprecedented, they brought the wild and weird world of San Francisco drag into the living rooms of a traditionally conservative (and somewhat judgmental) audience. If you do go check out the feature page on just ignore the comments by the trolls and applaud Peaches for a very funny, informative, and entertaining segment. And, always the gracious hostess, she gave a great shout out to my other favorite SF queen Heklina by mentioning her “legendary Trannyshack club.”

Fueling up on the Trannyshack Field Trip
Behind all the nerd billionaires and trendy restaurants in today’s San Francisco, there is another city, where the most interesting people aren’t wearing hoodies — they’re wearing spike heels, glitter catsuits and fantastic hair.
We’ve invited Peaches Christ, Queen of San Francisco Drag Queens, to play a game called “Fuggedaboutit!” Three questions for a drag queen about Queens — that borough of New York City destined to be the next hipster capital now that Brooklyn is old news.
[And as promised, here’s a photo of Peter and Peaches.]
Hear the segment:

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Say Goodbye to San Francisco and Hello to Ugly!