New York Rubber Ball

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by TV Kristina

Admittedly, upon looking at the NYC Rubberball website, one might feel a little intimidated if you’ve never taken a trip into the slick world of latex-lovers. But what I found when I attended the 2013 event is it was much the same as when I was growing up an alternative trans teen…the dark make-up and studded accessories was My way of telling anyone who considered approaching Me…beware, I don’t feel confined to the standard “norms” and expectations of others…I’m open and explorative…so if you want to get to know me, you better be too.
And much like My youth, it’s all truly meant in the pursuit of fun and fulfillment!
On a cold April night in Manhattan, I find Myself stepping out of a taxi in eight-inch platform heels and a clinging PVC corset dress that shined perfectly in the city streetlights as I made My way into My first Rubberball event.
Feeling slightly anxious of what I would find once I entered the big silver doors, I was determined to do what I do best, prance like a Princess and show off My sweetness with constant flirting and maybe even a little cockteasing…after all, no matter where I am, I’m always Kristina.
Though I was very excited to get inside, I have to be honest…as a trans person there is always that question in the back of My mind, “Will I be the only one?”
Not that I ever have a problem shining brightly in any setting…when you’re going to a new place, it’s always nice to see a “sister”!
The event was held at a private and posh party spot right in the heart of NYC nightlife, Union Square, where all the major neighborhoods come together to mix the city’s fun-seekers. From there it’s just a few blocks to the thumping gay clubs of Chelsea or the chic hip ster bars of the East Village, so at ten o’clock on a Friday night the area is thriving with people who have all come to play in the splendor of New York’s famous party scene.
Even though it was located at the center of all the action, this spot was discrete and well-managed, with a big strong (and friendly) guard at the door, a much needed coat check crew, as well as a large clean space for the event to allow all its attendants to explore, feeling uncensored and uninhabited in total security.
Stepping into the ballroom, what I found was an environment that was not only trans-friendly, but also had a fabulous mixture of fetish loving people of every age, race, sexual orientation and identity.
From the sweet red-haired maven at the ticket counter, to one of the top three finalists in the Miss Rubber World 2013 contest, My trans sisters were representing proudly, and everyone showed much love when I handed out issues of Transformation Magazine…whispering teasers like, “I got my first chastity cage from Transformation” or “It’s been part of our sex life for over ten years.” People clearly had a special connection to the magazine and they were uber-supportive when I flipped to the pages of My recent feature in the #82 issue.
As much fun as I had signing copies of My photo spread and taking pictures with lovers of the magazine, the most enjoyable part of all was just walking around to see the intricate and erotic latex fashions that everyone was wearing…because if there is one thing you need to know about the fetish community, they come dressed to impress.
From the man-kitty (dressed in a full-body latex suit), who kept rubbing against My leg (and other parts) all night long, to the colorful and flawless rubber ensemble of fetish superstar Jade Vixen–who was so tiny and sweet and gorgeous and I could tell she was beaming with support when she said, “I’m a huge Transformation fan”–the room was filled with spectacularly decadent outfits everywhere you looked…garters, headpieces, gloves, stockings and even a mouse mask…stunning designs were displayed both on the runway and by the partygoers themselves.
The crowd was also kept entertained (and stimulated) with a fashion show which included the works of several designers, but was hosted by the one-and-only Baroness (the queen of NYC rubber) who is known for her specialty fashions and equally noted for her varying rainbow of hair colors…the night of the Ball it was an eye-catching vibrant florescent pink.
Though I was new to the event, everyone was wonderfully open and inviting…so I immediately felt like I was making friends and getting into the vibe of the party, which was clearly meant to be a celebration of pleasure…and as most of My fans already know, I’m all about the exploration of sexual and spiritual indulgence.
After a few hours I felt like I had been a longtime rubber-lover and attending events for years, quickly becoming acquainted with a few fabulous and interesting people…talking about other parties/bars that they frequent and exploring some of the venue’s fun features…such as a professional photo studio set-up and the spontaneous spanking shows that popped up through the evening.
There was lots of latex and lube…but even with all the pomp and circumstance, it was so easy to meet the real people under all the fabulous fashions…from seasoned scene sirens to newbie explorers, each person helped to make the event one of inclusion…and definitely made it so much easier for Me to feel comfortable in a new environment, even for someone as outgoing as Myself, its always amazing when you can be yourself and meet exciting new people.
Thanks Hanna for asking Me to cover the 2013 Rubberball for Transformation Magazine, it was a total blast…and I can’t wait to slip into something sexy for the next party!!!

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