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Misty Eyes is a larger than life and ever evolving entertainer who wears many hats, and even more outrageous wigs! With the heart and soul of a mother, this quick-witted, energetic, and loyal entertainer is an artist, model, emcee, journalist, hostess, promoter and mentor, but most importantly, has become a friend to so many. “The South Florida Sweetheart” is always glamorous and sexy but is also known for her over the top club kid persona and is an audience favorite most often caught performing comedic and shocking thought-provoking numbers. Consistently winning numerous regional awards Misty has emceed many prestigious South Florida events and has also developed an online persona on YouTube with her “ASK MISTY” Advice – where she answers viewer’s questions and “Misty Minute” Tutorials – where she gives away Drag Secrets.

It seemed fitting that such a generous and giving person as Misty would be interviewed posthumously by Miss Vicki Rene in a feature that was found in our never before published archive. Vicki Rene was an absolute drag icon who touched us all in a very positive way and who sadly passed away in 2011. Vicki was a friend and mentor to many in the transgender community and her caring compassionate vision lives on through her website which has been incorporated into The Transgender Guide ( was known as the place where you could just be yourself. It was a place for information and networking with drag queens, female impersonators, cross dressers, transsexuals and people just like yourself and remains active in remembrance of a dear friend who gave us so much.


Who is Misty Eyez?

Hmmmm… Let’s see… She is an incredibly loveable, playful, passionate, loyal, dedicated, honest, compassionate, considerate, and moral person. She is an artist, a model, a performer, an emcee, a friend, a promoter, an entertainer, and a mentor. She is also a Capricorn so that would mean she is a very hard worker.

Where are you living these days?

I moved to Fort Lauderdale in October 2001 and have made a home for myself here. I love Florida and I love Fort Lauderdale… I don’t see myself moving for several years… I really love it!!! However I do love to travel and do shows all over…. If you’re interested in bookings please contact me, for I am very interested.

I know this is a hard question, but can you tell us what your life has been about, say the last 5-10 years or so?

GOSH this is hard… and I don’t really have a short answer. My life has been a high speed, Death Defying, Roller Coaster with EXTREME HIGHS and LOWS, and Severe DROP OFFS. 🙂   It was only 14 years ago that I was a senior at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma (the Largest Charismatic Christian College in the United States.) I was a televangelist, a gospel singer, and heavily involved in many ministries both locally and abroad as a missionary, including both Germany and Poland.   I was studying to be a youth minister, all the while struggling with my sexuality and my love for the lord.   All that time I didn’t know that GOD had created me in his image just the way he wanted me to be, which makes sense as I had been praying for Him to take away my desires and deliver me of the homosexual spirit. Little did I know he wouldn’t deliver me for he wanted me just the way I am… Yet I worried about what people would do or think if they ever found out I was gay. I got engaged to two different girls HOPING to force myself straight and that failed. Finally, in my senior year… after being SUICIDAL, I came to terms with my sexuality and realized that GOD made me this way and I came to love myself, just as I am… with all my talents and all my desires for I am beautiful and I am me!

Since then I have lived my life as an ambassador for self-love, and acceptance and started my own little ministry through where my eagerness to love life and yourself is evident.  I now reach out to not only those who have also suffered from religious abuse, but anyone who writes an ASK MISTY and I do my best to help them realize that they are NOT alone and indeed that they are LOVED.

I started in the art of female impersonation on Halloween; it was a joke or a dare at first but it surprisingly came very natural for me (of course it did, with lots of theatre, music, and stage background.) Once I realized how beautiful I was I started doing it at benefits and fundraiser’s and then somehow between now and then I am doing it FULL TIME 🙂 5-7 nights a week.

I guess now I would say that I try to live my life as an example of a gay man, and how I feel that he should be. You don’t have to be an alcoholic, or a drug addict.  You don’t have to be a Diva or a Bitch… you can BE a nice fun person who genuinely cares for others… and just because you are FIERCE you don’t have to be mean to others. You can always tell an amateur, she will walk into a room and tell you that she is Fierce…but the truth is, if you are Fierce others will notice the second you walk into a room. I guess my motto is to just lead by example, others pay attention. 🙂

by Miss Vicki Rene

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[PHOTOS courtesy] Misty Eyez
[PHOTOS courtesy] Misty Eyez