Kim’s Anal Heaven

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All you Dahlink fans of Transformation are really going to get your panties in a bunch when you log on to Kim’s Anal Heaven and get an eyeful of this kinky girl.
Actually this award winning XXX a go-go is a trans-dream cum true!
Kim’s anal is a site that is a hot cock shot heaven for everyone who is into trans-porn movies and it features hot cum-off-the screen images of massive dildos sliding inside Kim’s tight asshole and more!! We really loved to see Kim getting fucked with huge toys with hot t-girls and boi’s and since you are into t-girls, anal sex and huge dildos we recommend that you consider becoming a member.
Kim’s Anal Heaven really is heaven for everyone who is into nasty T-girl anal sex and related activities!
No doubt will enjoy watching sexy real T-girl Kim gets her ass stuffed and crammed full of dildos by herself and studly well hung men.
When we hooked up with Kim after chatting with her we decided that a mini interview was the way to go!

As this goes to publication your site is up for a major award at the TRANNY AWARDS in Hollywood, Kudos to you. Please tell us your feelings about this as we have no doubt you put your heart,  soul and royal purple panties into making it the best it can be for you and you fans!
I am very proud to be nominated in the upcoming Tranny awards in LA. It means a lot to me to know that so many people out there have voted for me!

Please tell us what inspired you to create your site and what it means to you
I have been playing with large dildoes and getting fisted since I was 15 years old when my scout-leader introduced me to the delights of anal sex. I have been hooked ever since. So I thought, why not share my experiences and talents with the rest of world. I never dreamt when I started all this the the effect it would have on the adult sex scene. My website has been running since 2005 and I strive to find larger and larger toys to satisfy my cravings for total ass destruction, and of course for my fans. I’m not quite sure why I love it so much… all I know is that… I just do!

Read more of this interview in Transformation 83.

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