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Tell us about your high school years?

I absolutely LOVED high school. I was very involved with everything about school. I was on my high school dance team, the Showdolls, which competed Nationally 🙂 I was also very active in my class steering committee and actually was the chairman for Junior Prom. Outside of school I was always at my dance studio where I had studied ballet and modern for over 15 years and was actually my first college major. I never had to “come out” because it was just known. It was pretty obvious that I wasn’t like the other boys; very, very feminine and was friends with all the girls.

When did you first start to identify as a transsexual?

After I graduated HS, I moved to Miami Beach (South Beach to be specific). I was on a merit scholarship for dance at new World School of the Arts in Downtown Miami. Being in the dance world and gay community exposed me to drag queens and transsexuals from a very early age. My best friends Blumie and Christian, as well as myself, were all asked to be back-up dancers for Champagne Bordeaux in the Miss Florida FI pageant in 2005. They wanted a young femmy boy to dress in drag in the background. Naturally I stepped forward, tickled pink. I had been enamored by drag and trans since I was in HS, going to Parliament House in Orlando, FL with my fake ID to watch the Footlight Players and spend all my allowance on tipping the queens. I digress…so after I danced in the pageant it was pretty much full force ahead in my new identity.

How did doing “drag” help with your identity?

Backup dancing in the FI pageant really opened my eyes as to what direction I wanted my life to head. I began what I guess you would call “cross-dressing” although that term kinda makes me go eh…but anyways, I would dress up in my house and/or go out to like Chili’s and Wal-Mart thinkin’ I was pure fish! Such a train wreck hahaha! I look back and think, WOW I really had some balls (both figuratively and literally). I started working in a bar as drag queen in early 2009 and quickly worked my way to the middle (LOL) as I would call it. I earned lots of respect from my peers and met some lifelong friends and mentors that have helped make me comfortable and accepting of who I am.

Tell us about your first experience sexually as a “female” or in “drag”?

My first sexual experience, in drag I would call it, because that’s a lot of hair and eyelashes…oh and let’s not forget the big rubber chest-plate! It was with the person I am still with now actually, Trevor. We met at the bar in Daytona that I worked at the time. It was alcohol- induced and I remember waking up in the morning with my hands crossed like a vampire still in FULL DRAG! Aye! What a nightmare. I knew it was time for some serious hormones and a cosmetic surgery fund.

What types of guys turn you on?

I don’t really have a certain “type” per say. It all really depends on my mood, ya know? Trevor is a buff, all-American type guy which I LOVE, but it’s not the only kinda guy I’ll suck off (LOL). If I have enough to drink, everyone is my type hahaha.

What made you decide to get into porn?

There were many reasons I decided to get into the adult industry. Many girls say they did not decide to do porn in order to pay for cosmetic procedures. I am going to be completely honest and tell you that that was a major deciding factor in my decision; however, it was NOT the only reason. I have always been extremely sexual, or as my best friend Christian would say “a dirty whore.” Call it what ya want, I thought it was about time I tried my hand at filming what I had been practicing all these years. They say you should do something that you love, well I LOVE to FUCK AND SUCK! I’m just glad somebody is handing out paychecks for something I did for free for so many years. Practice makes perfect I guess 😉

Tell us about your first porn scene?

My first porn scene wasn’t that long ago, back in the beginning of May 2011. It was with Porn Star Wolf Hudson where I was the bottom bitch to that massive dong everyone knows he’s got. I was very nervous, as I am before all my shoots. It’s like any kind of performing. I grew up as a dancer and it’s the same feeling before stepping out onto the stage. Wolf made my experience so pleasant and easy. He was very conscious of my body and picked up on silent cues if I needed a break. In my experience, banging for a scene isn’t the same as just gettin’ it on with someone in the privacy of your home (or wherever you choose to fornicate, lol).


Making porn is much harder than it seems, no pun intended. What is the best thing about doing porn and the worse?

I think the best thing about doing porn is the fans. Such amazingly supportive fans out there, and I would not be anywhere if it wasn’t for their continued desire to whack off to me 🙂 I speak to fans on a daily basis, sometimes not even porn related. I enjoy hearing about their fantasies and making it my goal to fulfill those said fantasies. I would say the worst part about doing porn is being constantly propositioned for sex. I have nothing against girls who escort or what have you, it’s just not for me. But no matter how many times I have said it I am still asked. I know it’s gonna happen and it’s not that big of a deal, but ain’t beaten the monkey enough y’all?

What can fans expect with your website

I am excited to bring my fans a lot of “first-time-experiences”. My site is my place to explore more areas of my sexuality and I can’t wait for everyone to be a part of my journey. I have already had a first time experience with a genetic female, Alia Janine, where we had some great foreplay! I am interested in sort of pushing the envelope. Definitely want to experience more GGs, as well as post-op TS. I have also been experimenting with piss play in my personal life and will be capturing it on film soon! In addition to that I have some other VERY kinky shit up my sleeve. And of course lots of great shoots on the beach because there really isn’t anything like it. 🙂

What social networks can your fans find you on?

You can find me always yapping it up on Twitter: JonelleBrooksTS.  I had a Facebook account but they shut it down because I was “promoting pornography” and since I really couldn’t argue that I wasn’t (lol) I decided best to let that one go. Someone though has made me a fan page on FB. I also have a YouTube channel where I post provocative videos that get flagged by YouTube, so if you are quick enough you might get to see some skin 🙂 Anything you want to leave us with? Just a huge thanks to everyone who has helped guide me in this industry. Nick Melilo for taking such gorgeous photos and film and making me look better than I do in real life. Danielle Foxxx for being such a great friend, mentor, editor, and my CUZ 🙂 Wendy Williams for constant words of wisdom and always a good laugh and of course all my fans (I hate that word). So I just say, people who have ever jacked their cocks or flicked their bean while watching me, y’all are the BEST!!!

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