If I date Transsexuals does this make me gay?

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By Tonya Cline

This is one of the most asked questions by men who love and admire transsexuals. It’s a shame that they have such thoughts because they’re not gay, they just have discovered that some women have penises, simple as that. It all can come about in different ways, such as the case of the dominate female syndrome where the female likes to strap on a dildo and strut around finally penetrating their male partners and opening his eyes to a whole new unforgettable erotic climax experience…something forbidden and taboo.

After realizing the erotic feeling of being penetrated by his dominant female partner he longs for the company of the functioning transsexual, one who loves and enjoys using and having her penis. There are all types of transgenderism–from the post operatives (who I know nothing about) to the girls who know who they are despite removing things that can never be replaced and they enjoy their sexuality to it’s fullest.

Once a gentleman meets such a goddess that is happy with her special gender and enjoys her body and loves letting curious gentlemen enjoy her unique attributes he rarely goes back to the female for erotic fun. Transsexuals that are happy being transsexuals and have no desire to remove any of her parts, just add a few, can be a straight man’s dream come true. The soft angelic skin, her exotic shape, the beauty of feminine essences but with a functional penis and a state of mind he can relate to. Transsexuals still have the sexual desires of the man without a lot of the drama that females create without caring how this effects their sexual behavior. I’m not bashing females, they are the mothers of the new generations to come, but sometimes after the children are born her mother instincts are in over drive (like it should be) and the sexual desires are neglected or just over looked and that’s where the transsexual goddess comes in to play.

We are the fantasy just waiting to happen, not taking anything away from the wife and kids just a fantasy ready and waiting to happen when the desire takes over and only a functional transsexual can fulfill that want and that need, longing for her shapely smooth tone body, big firm breasts, tight waist, round hips and a huge hard throbbing cock. A cock that you can do all sorts of naughty things with, things your wife just can’t do or won’t do. Unlike women, Transsexuals don’t just lay there waiting for sex to be over. I hear men telling me that’s another reason they don’t go see women escorts, because they’re boring. I’m just repeating what so many men have told me. I get asked by men who have never been with a TS, “What do I do?” I just laugh and tell them you work with the parts you know and you get to know the parts you don’t.

There is another thing gentlemen should know: if they were gay they would not be attracted to us, the transsexuals. Gay guys like guys not transsexuals; they have no attraction to us at all. Transsexuals live in the straight world and most date straight men. Not unless you run into one of those Transsexuals who dates Transsexuals and that’s a whole other story in itself, never been my thing but have known a few. I never figured them out, but still trying.

Then there’s the admirers that if life and society was different they too would be transsexuals, those are the crossdressers. Most are married with children and devotes his whole life to his wife and kids but ever so often he gets the itch to become the woman he is inside, the woman he has always known he has been, but knows if anyone ever knew his life would be different. There would be no family, no kids, and in most cases, no money and no career. So these admirers come to live the secret life that they fantasize about and the life that no one can know about by living it through the goddess he’s visiting, then he goes back to his so called normal life always fantasizing of living for who he really is. Another thing I tell gentlemen who asked the question If I desire transsexuals am I gay. First I smile and say “Someone paid for all those implants and nose jobs so your just normal” if anything a late bloomer.

Of course there are the gentlemen who like to go, “Oh I didn’t know you had a penis.” These to me are the ones who know they are meeting a transsexual but like to play the game that they had no idea. Some, this may be the truth but there are these others that are such bad actors and in too big of a hurry to have their tonsils poked – not to mention other things that are hard to believe. To me, the most common is when gentlemen see the G rated covers of Transformation thinking that it’s a hot girl on the cover and then looking further to find out that the hottest girls have a penis.

I think that being a transsexual you have to love yourself before you can really be happy, you are born who you are and there are so many men waiting and wanting to enjoy you for you, so not all girls have to go for the sex reassignment surgery to complete themselves just love you for you and it all will come together. So many girls seek the surgery thinking it will bring happiness when happiness is sometime you have to find within yourself or its all just like a donkey chasing a carrot in front of them, never reaching it no matter how fast or far you go.

We are born who we are love yourself for who you are!

Because the men do !

This article originally appeared in Transformation 72

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10 thoughts on “If I date Transsexuals does this make me gay?

  1. I had sex with lots of female prostitutes, but after I had sex with a pré-op transsexual woman I never visited a female prositute again. I like the pré-ops and mostly the ones that r active too. Now I have better contact with pré-op and unfortunately most of them r hookers. I never had a real relation with a normal lady or a transsexual lady. I’d love to have a relation with a lady with something extra, but don’t think that’s going to happen. Till then I’m going to visit the so called shemale-hookers for sex. Luckily I live near Amsterdam, so don’t have to travel far for that.

  2. I’m from Houston. I’ve been bi curious since elementary. I have always admired the thought of a beautiful fine woman with a nice cock.. however, sadly to say I don’t know where to begin looking in such a large city. Can you pls help me live out my dream? pls email me. Thanx Chloe

    1. Hi Chloe,
      There is a bit of a TS scene in Texas from what I’ve gathered, but I’m not too sure about Houston specifically. I’ll see what I can find out for you and send you some information. There are a number of well-known TS adult stars who live in Texas!

  3. I find that I like most transvestites of My age had to work in our male personas or work as escorts or prostitutes. Also we were not accepted anywhere neither the gay community or straight community. If you enjoyed sex with your cock didn’t desire srs & didn’t have implants ts hated us as well. The worst I ever was treated was by the transexuals who felt transvestites were the reason for all the problems of being freaks we were faggots that couldn’t go faggot unless we acted like girls. They drilled it that I was a transvestite faggot that should stay home & dress up quietly. A ts was a real human that knew their realities & tv’s can’t face theirs. Plus I dress because it feels good & turns Me on. I am not fit to be a transfuckingsexual. So I am not. Nor do I wish to be called one or lumped into the group of uptight slag haggs that hates the term shemale, tranny or transvestite. Some really good people are lost to the fight forever to loose stigmas. But when you talk about transsexuals having a cock not the ones I have met.
    Madame Eva Evil

  4. I say as always its only gay if you think the person you are with and you thinks its gay

  5. I have dated three TS ladies. LIke dating GG, all people have are different. One I fell in love with and she with me. To bad she had to relocate to Detroit or I would have asked her to move in, and if all went well, marry me. Age was an issue at first for me, I was 42 and she was 22. I usually dont like a spread like that. But we had too much in common and over came it. THe other two were fun and cool, but it took me a few years to get over not ending up with my love. Keep in mind, I am a tall good looking white professional male, I have been involved in a few threesomes MMF and didnt feel any sexual urges towards the guys. Once I met my first TS, after 30 minutes of kissing and holding hands, we went home, and I had the best sex of my life. I learned alot from her, but like with anyone, you have to have that “thing” to fall in love. After dating both GG and TS’s, I find myself attracted to TS’s in most cases. Currently I am just dating, and hoping to find the one who ignites all of me again, As for girl I loved who moved, due to distance and my hang up with her being 21 years younger, We both agreed to move on, and it took a while and many dates to get over her. But there is one out there for me.

  6. This is a tough subject. Everyone seems to have a different opinion and a different title for the type of relationship or sex preference there involved in. I feel the word gay means lifestyle as like hiphop is a word for a certain lifestyle. Hip Hop covers areas such as rapping, beat boxing, graffiti, and so on. Gay to me covers areas like men couples ,female couples,transgender,cross dressing and so on. I stopped a long time ago trying to figure out my title..I admire,desire all genders..am i gay…i think so..i love femboys,trannys,,,cd’s,tv’s and genetic women…

  7. i have encountered a number of gays desiring transwomen. like the author i can’t wrap my head around it. i questioned a few and it just seems to happen. i have encountered budding tgirls in a relationship with a gay that are having problems. one gay guy mourned the loss of his partner when she came out. i think gays have a range of behavior just like all humans and some fit one pattern or another. as for a straight guy feeling gay, there is a thesis by Joe Kort PHD about the difference between straight and gay men that are attracted to men and/or tgirls. usually gay men are born gay and straight men have learned sensibilities. so if you are questioning whether you are gay or not, you probably aren’t… i think.

  8. Does anyone know of any transsexuals who have current fan clubs to join? Is Gia Darling and Lisa Lawrence?s still active? I know Gia Darling moved from CA to NY. Where can I meet a TS in Chicago? I’m not talking about hookers either. I would really like to develop an serious relationship with one to show her how much I love and adore her. It would have to be a pre-op.

  9. I keep hearing a few people kind of put down cross-dressers that like other cross-dressers; but isn’t everybody the same and the details are just that: details ? Not that it’s easy not to get spell bound within Ms Tonya Cline’s hypnotic words

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