Holly Sweet

Holly Sweet

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Well, let me start by introducing my self and saying that is a true pleasure of mine to have been on this month’s cover of Transformation. Well, as you all know now my name is Holly Sweet and I currently reside in the beautiful sunshine state of Hollywood, FL and I can say I have seen many of the worlds most beautiful tgirls also grace the cover and I would have never thought that one day I too would be on the cover of Transformation Its still so surreal to me but I do take pride in my appearance and do work hard at the art of being a woman. I have been a woman for just a short time as I have just recently had my 24th birthday but I can say I’ve always felt like a lady inside for as long as I can remember.

I originate from the ice cold state of Illinois, but I did most of my growing up in the beautiful lone star state of Texas where I learned many things a lady should never have to, as having to deal with animals that were way bigger then yourself, I’m sure you’ll get the drift. I lived in Texas until I was a ripe 21 yrs old and just felt I had out grown the state and its local people so I packed all I had, which was 3 Loui Vuiton and one big bag of shoes (WE Texas GIRLS LOVE OUR SHOES) and took the train all the way to the windy city of Chicago to start my life as a woman.

Now I have been modeling for adult T-girl web sites for some years now and been on almost ever one that I thought was reputable and had the hopes of someday having my own site and maybe someday I will, but just not right now. I do still travel a lot and enjoy almost every city I go to always hoping the next will be more fun and more to offer than the last sometimes its true sometimes its not but I try and make the best of all of them.

I lived in Chicago 3 years. I enjoyed all three of them. The night life is nothing like I had ever seen in Texas don’t get me wrong every one in Texas knows how to have a good time I have a few friends you could just ask for yourself. I have been all over the U.S. traveling, posing for sites, doing films and having a ball. I’ve even been able to go overseas, not at my own expense of course.

I was blessed with a once in a life time trip to go to Paris over 2 yrs ago and it was like another world. Just the food, the people, the night life and, oh my god!, those shoes and shopping are enough to make your head spin. Shortly after coming home from my week in Paris I was blessed again by a legend in Texas the only Doctor I saw fit to give me the body I wanted and felt was inside me but just hadn’t come out yet. So I made my appointment with Dr. Robert Young of San Antonio, TX and my breasts were enhanced along with a few other must haves, you know, maintenance. I’ve have been what you see ever since.

Now living in the hottest city in the hottest state, it has been wonderful for me. I’ve since met the man of my dreams who knows just how to treat a lady and I thank my stars I’ve got him. He also has recently posed for Transformation and is on the cover with me in two of their fetish clothing magazines which was a blast to shoot. Once again, I got to shoot for my favorite web site www.TonyaWorld.com which brings me to the end of my bio and I hope you’ll have enjoyed my pictures and will certainly be seeing more of me to come. God bless and best wishes xoxox.

by Holly Sweet

Place of birth: Rock Falls, IL

Age: 24

Height: 5’9

Eyes: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Measurements: 36E-24-40

Dress Size: Medium

Shoe Size: 8-9

Occupation: Image model, Escort

Favorite perfume: CHANEL

Favorite Music: Slow, sappy music, big band and old school

Hobbies: Modeling is my favorite one, I love the camera, shopping and traveling the world


This was originally published in Transformation 54


Holly Sweet

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  1. Im a huge fan. I’d like nothing more than to be in a video with you. I’ve seen you fuck other guy and its a huge turn on.

  2. The first time I saw you I became a huge fan. You are so beautiful and your body is amazing hope to meet you soon please consider Cleveland again.

  3. Hi,
    I love all your movies. If you ever want an English Man for a shoot, please let me know. I would love to meet you in person and i am a great fan.

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