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Aphrodite of Knidos is one of the most famous sculptural works of ancient Greece, inspiring numerous cults of goddess worship and driving men mad with such desire that they made love to the smooth marble figure. Praxiteles created a work of art that was erotically charged yet not explicitly sexual; Aphrodite modestly shields her womanhood with a gesture that simultaneously protects and draws attention to her nudity, captivating us with her vulnerability. Much like the goddess she shares a name with, Venus Lux blends these divergent qualities into a strong yet sensual character. She is a mogul, driven to succeed and achieve goals which have the potential to transform the entire TS adult industry. But even more than that, she exemplifies the next generation of transsexual stars carefully crafting their own careers with a mix of raw sexuality and mysterious eroticism.

Venus, thank you so much for taking time out of your obviously busy schedule to chat with us and give our readers the opportunity to get to know you better. It only takes a few minutes of research to figure out that you are incredibly intelligent and driven to succeed, which we will get to in a minute, but to start with could you talk a bit about your childhood and upbringing that got you to where you are now?
I’m an only child between my mother and father, born and raised into a lower-class family in the Mission District of San Francisco. My parents were not married when they had me, and separated when I was two. The separation of my parents really took a toll on my childhood because I was torn between two opposites. My mother was free-spirited, whereas my father was rigid and disciplined. He wanted to control and mold my values by enforcing chores, homework and school as my main lifestyle. Although my childhood was mentally and physically straining, I actually have appreciation for how I was raised, because it taught me to be versatile as well as well-rounded by integrating discipline and fun into my daily life today. The situation with my father was negative, but from the experience I learned to be persistent and work hard in aiming to be the best that I can be.
When I was 12 years old I experienced the first climactic turning point of my life when a man I met online molested me. The next few months were spent in foster care, and then I was able to live with my mother again. No longer an innocent and carefree kid, I was now labeled a “fag”, which led me to distance myself from my family. At 15, I quit my job at the family store and got a real job through Enterprises for High School Students in order to start saving money for the day I’d move out and file for emancipation. Prior to this, I was a straight “A” student enrolled in honor classes, President of the Lions, volunteered for Red Cross, a member of the Gay-Straight Alliance club, and a Junior Reserve Officer medalist. Drugs and troublemaking “friends” filled in the gaps of most of my teenage years, and I became depressed. At 17, I realized I had to quit my bad habits and get a real life by sustaining a managerial job at the ferry building, moving away from my family into transitional housing and finding positive friends that would lead to my transitioning at the age of 19. From these past experiences I grew a backbone and developed confidence, fostered a mature mindset for my ambitions and desires, gained an understanding and humble perspective, and forged a strong will for survival with hopes for great success.

You’ve said that with a very traditional Chinese family you did not even know what a transsexual was until your late teens, but I imagine you knew from a much earlier age that you did not totally identify as a male?
How did you deal with those discordant feelings until your best friend introduced you to the transgender community and you began your gender identity exploration?
Yes, the word “transsexual” was nonexistent in my vocabulary before I turned 19. My parents were traditional and transsexuals were nonexistent in China, unlike the neighboring countries of Thailand and the Philippines. Because I was taught to think and act like a male, I had to portray myself as one when I was a child. I played in the dirt, had toy cars and wrestled with other boys.
As I entered my prepubescent years, I realized I was different and not all the stereotypical male attributes applied to me. I was more flamboyant than other boys and started to take an interest in them. I guess I was raised like a tomboy until I realized that I was different. Once I started dating and messing around with boys, I automatically labeled myself gay; I felt that was what I was because that was really all I knew. Throughout my teens I was flamboyant, prissy, or “very gay.” It was who I was. I didn’t like roughhousing, socialized best with girls, built a fashion sense, and was very keen on my “clean cut” image.
My school years were a constant battle, living day-to-day knowing that I didn’t fit in. I endured mockery and verbal abuse. I was very depressed and lonely at home and school. I had no one that I could relate to or confide in, which led me to drop out of high school to do drugs and hang out with the wrong crowd. Even having boyfriends for long periods of time still didn’t give me satisfaction. I still had the unyielding urge to find myself and, ultimately, true happiness. It wasn’t until I met my girlfriend who helped me transition that I genuinely found peace with myself and who I was. I truly am thankful for my friend Paulina.

Do you have any philosophies on why different Asian cultures view transsexuals in such a variety of ways? For instance, it is more common and at least somewhat acceptable in Japanese and Thai society but not in Chinese culture? Even your own mom didn’t quite understand your new gender identity but has since come around to support you in your transition?
Theoretically speaking, the reason why I believe transsexuals are viewed differently in China is because it is still one of the five remaining communist countries along with Cuba, Laos, Vietnam, and North Korea. It wasn’t until transsexuals were incorporated into and made part of the community that people started opening up to the idea of a possible third gender like the Thai, Samoans, and Native Americans already had. Transsexuals play a crucial role in these cultures: as entertainers in Thailand, family leaders in Samoa, and religious leaders/practitioners in ancient and modern day America.
I believe in order for other cultures to accept transsexuals, transsexuals must give themselves purpose and importance in society. This leads to why and how my mother was able to accept and support me. She never encountered or understood the meaning of a transsexual, so for a long period of time she categorized me as a drag queen because that was the closest title she was able to comprehend. I felt my mother was being heartbroken, hurt and disappointed when she saw me in women’s clothing and makeup. Joining the porn industry and building my business is when she was finally comfortable to be seen with me around my relatives and understand enough to inquire about my life. I am happy to say that I am now closer with my family than I have ever been.

You transitioned only about three years ago and then launched right into a career in the adult industry so you seem to have really embraced your femininity! How did your interest in the industry develop and what do you hope to accomplish with this particular profession? Do you feel it was a calling or more of a means to an end?
To be honest, I had no intentions to join the industry in the beginning because I like my privacy. I heard so many negative things about it with the only benefit being the possible fortune and fame that comes with the title “pornstar”. But now after being in the business almost nine months, I can say I have big goals and high hopes for my career in the adult industry. My goals are to expand my website to become the first transsexual-owned network, revolutionize the quality and limitations of transsexual pornography, and to help expand the transsexual market by supporting other independent companies such as myself. The main goal and hope I have for this profession is to help attract more awareness and acceptance of transsexuals in the adult industry.

I am more than a little bit impressed with your incredible professionalism and intense drive to succeed, and from what I can tell, you are the only girl to launch her career completely independently. Have you been mentored in the business or have you been figuring it all out on your own?
Thank you! I wish I had a mentor when I started. Diving head first into this industry was such a challenge and I didn’t know what to expect. Since my first scene with I’ve been pretty much all on my own with some suggestions and advice from a few people that I met along the way. Through a lot of triumphs and mistakes I have built my own foundation and understanding of the business. One thing I’m guilty of was asking a lot of questions, because I was so new and curious. I’ve always been independent, and the best way for me to learn was to ask questions. For those who encountered me, thank you for all your patience and knowledge; you know who you are!

There were some other exciting firsts for you in January as well; your first AEE/AVN trade show, plus nominations from AVN, XBiz, and the Tranny Awards! That is pretty unprecedented for a girl with less than a year in the industry, but just goes to show what one can accomplish when they put their heart and soul into accomplishing their goals. What can we expect to see from Venus Lux Entertainment in 2013?
Yes I am very proud and appreciative for my nominations from XBIZ, AVN, and the Tranny Awards. I’m still astonished to have accomplished this much to get where I am today. Venus Lux Entertainment is still new but is progressing to bigger things this year. Right now I am working on expanding by adding new features like an online store, webcam streaming and online chat. I want my members to have full access to everything that I have to offer! Later this year, I plan to launch my own DVD specialty line, a toy line, and possibly launch a new site dedicated to transsexual porn. Definitely keep your eye on me and follow the journey of my career because many exciting things are coming!

I actually attended AEE/AVN last year for the first time myself and was totally unprepared for what I experienced there (in a good way). What was your first time like? What surprised you the most about being there on the floor meeting fans and being in the spotlight? It must be very different from the controlled environment of shooting content for your website.
Oh god, AEE/AVN was a fascinating, thrilling and eventful experience! To see my fans and other industry folks outside of the transsexual industry was one the highlights. When my publicist, Erika Icon, told me about this event, I didn’t anticipate the masses of photographers, interviewers, product companies and reputable names. I was so surprised at how many people actually attended this event and how many people didn’t know I was a transsexual! The spotlight is always fun, especially being dressed up for the occasion or even barely dressed at all, as I was at the convention. It was definitely a fun and memorable experience, and I can’t wait for the next one.

Those Munkey Barz are a pretty fun looking item…did you get to take home a pair after working their booth? Maybe fans will get to see them in action on your site someday?
Munkey Barz are amazingly fun! I call them “love handles for the skinny girl”, which in this case is me! I love Munkey Barz for its comfort and playfulness. It’s definitely a very well-made and marketable product, especially for girls with body types like mine. Yes, they’re giving me one, and I’m expecting it in the mail very soon. My fans and members will soon see me in action with my very own Munkey Barz!

The very first scene you shot was for if I remember correctly…a shower scene with a woman that got some very good reviews from fans. What was it like to shoot that scene? Were you nervous?
I find it interesting that the scene was with a woman because it hasn’t been very common for TS stars to shoot with genetic females. You’ve mentioned that you’re not necessarily attracted to women but find them interesting and know that it’s all part of the job. Do you think this could be something of a subgenre you will explore as an additional way to increase your popularity and add variety to your body of work?
My first-ever scene was with Kaylee Hilton for; it was fun and nerve-racking at the same time. Like I said before, I dove into this industry headfirst and had no idea what to expect. It’s actually not uncommon for transsexuals to shoot with genetic women even though not many of us are attracted to women. This genre of porn is interesting because it satisfies both lesbians and straight men. Working with genetic women has always been an entertaining and learning experience for me sexually. I’m positive that I will be shooting more films with genetic women because they give me a comforting and mentally stimulating feeling that I don’t get from men. My curiosity fuels me to want to continue working with women to develop a better understanding of what drives my interest sexually with women.

What do you like the most about your porn career? The least? Is there anything you find surprising about the industry now that you are fully immersed in it?
What I love most about my career are the opportunities that continually unravel themselves. I love that I get the chance to meet people who I wouldn’t encounter on a daily basis, like other industry associates, encountering fans who appreciate my work and meeting other business-minded people. To be part of the adult industry and have the ability to become a director, producer or a company owner really fuels my enjoyment for being in the business. The thing I like least about the porn trade is that it’s hard to make real friends in the industry. There’s a lot of superficiality in this type of business and some untrustworthy people. Though realistically, this applies to any industry around the world. What I find surprising is how little my population (transsexual) is compared to the straight and gay sectors of the industry – that all the big name girls aren’t independent and how the politics of the industry really work.

The decision to create your entire career independently seems to be a great move judging by your multiple award nominations and success of your website, but is there anything you would have done differently? What advice might you have for other girls considering entering the field of adult entertainment?
What I would have done differently would have been to learn and strategize before I made any big decisions when it came to website development or even just joining the adult industry. I also would have made sure I put more passion and effort into my initial scenes than I did, like making sure my makeup was impeccable or better choices with wardrobe. Porn is permanent, so you have to be patient and refine all details to make that video or picture your absolute best! My advice to the other beautiful girls out there who are considering a career in this field would to be patient, humble, smart and sociable. Patience is not one of my strong suits but it’s a very key attribute for success in the industry. You can’t always get to do what you want when you want it, but the opportunity will definitely come along depending on how determined you are. Be humble so you can build better relationships with people you encounter, plus it also makes you more approachable. To be truly successful and make a career in the adult industry, you need to be smart and be able to deal with business-related opportunities that will benefit your career. To be the total package, you need to be sociable with your fans and industry professionals to help get your name out there.

Speaking of your website, it is one of the most appealing I’ve ever seen, – very classy and very different aesthetically than most out there. Can you describe what members will be treated to when they join and what inspires your content?
My website is still relatively new, and special features I have planned are still in development. My goal is to begin rolling them out in the next few months. I want to provide my members with more quality media content and interaction than they can possible comprehend. Members of my site get more intimate, passionate and exceptional entertainment whether it is with a male, transsexual or even just myself! The mundane and tacky porn that I find flooding the Internet inspires me to think and create outside of the box and refine what has already been done. I work hard, but the quality of my site hasn’t reached my expectations and I’m still driving to perfect everything that can be perfected.

I absolutely love your elegance and sense of fashion. From sweet lingerie to fetish to the gorgeous AVN gown, you wear everything beautifully. Who are your favorite designers? Do you enjoy the look and feel of fetish wear or are you a bit more traditional with your style?
Why, thank you! To be honest, I don’t have any favorite designers! I wear whatever looks good and fits. Of course, my go-to would be BEBE and BCBG, because they are conveniently suitable, but I’m always on the hunt for the most lavish, elegant and architecturally made garments. Because I love fashion I occasionally go on a hunt at thrift or consignment stores. I’m always open minded to all types of clothing – including fetish wear – just as long as it’s fitted, looks well-made and feels comfortable. Comfort is a huge priority for me.

When slipping between the sheets (alone or with someone special) do you go au naturale or in your favorite lingerie?
That would depend who I’m slipping between the sheets with…wink, wink. I’m a simple and laid-back girl, so when I’m home I walk around and sleep nude; but when I have company I usually slip into something sexy to keep the entertainment lively during and after sex. But of course like any woman, it all depends on my mood. Company or alone, after I’ve had a long day at work or I’m just plain tired, I sleep in the nude and just pass out. I’m pretty sure you can relate.

As an extremely busy businesswoman you must take a break on occasion to keep perspective and enjoy life. What do you do with the little down time you have? Get wild and crazy to blow off steam or relax with some pampering?
Wow, this is a difficult question. I barely have enough down time to satisfy my needs because I’m always going somewhere, meeting someone or doing something. At the end of the day I just want to sleep or sleep in. But when I do have a sufficient amount of time for myself I usually go out with a friend and enjoy a nice meal and conversation. Depending on my mood and my schedule sometimes I like to go out for a scenic drive, hike or nice walk in the park. When I have just 30 minutes to myself and can’t go anywhere, I usually lie in bed and fidget with my phone, playing some ambient meditation music in the background. My lifestyle and values differ from young people my age, and I’ve been referred to as an old soul. I like to enjoy more of what the world has to offer and invest the time and money into new opportunities/ experiences. But on rare occasions, I do enjoy the social night out with friends at a club, just having fun and a great time dancing and having drinks.

What is the best (or worst) pick up line you’ve heard? Was it good enough to work?
Best pick up line I’ve heard and actually works on most occasions is, “You seem like a very smart or intellectual person. Would you like to have coffee or dinner?” Worst pick up line that never works for me is something unimaginative like, “You are so sexy baby, let’s hookup” or “Let’s hang out”.

When it comes to dating do you usually take the lead or do you prefer to put out the signals for the guy to take the first step?
I think you may know the answer to this one already. I’m a businesswoman at heart so, of course, I want to be in a position of control. When it comes to dating I’m not very practical nor your stereotypical date. As a transsexual, I desire understanding, and I believe in initially cutting out all the bullshit meaningless questions like “What is your favorite color?” or “What type of food or books you like?” I like to jump right into “what is your 1 year/3 year/5 year plan” or “What are your short term and long term goals?” Yes, I know it’s very blunt, but it helps me prioritize who is worth investing my time and effort in.

What’s the one move that makes you weak in the knees every time?
One move that makes me weak in the knees every time is when our mindsets and social behavior synchronize to the point where we anticipate each other’s thoughts and/or actions. The sexiest attribute of a guy that makes him attractive is his brain. Yes, nerdy is a huge turn-on for me!

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?
Either playing video games on my PC or my phone or spending a day or two at a casino resort gambling, pampering, shopping, and dining. I’m a total geek for one, and I’m Asian – so gambling runs in my blood.

Growing up in the San Francisco area surrounded by water, it’s not surprising that you enjoy fishing a great deal, but what are some other interests that fans might find unusual? Do you have any special talents that nobody knows about?

Hmm, what interests I have that fans might find unusual? I guess I have a few. My fascination for bizarre foods may be unusual. I’m always adventurous and especially courageous enough to go to Mexico and try eating guinea pigs or Africa for their live root grubs. Another would be antique hunting, because I have a weakness for ornate pieces of art and décor. Take me to a garage sale, and you will make me so happy!

I see you are very active on Twitter, plus you have a YouTube channel.
Is there anywhere else fans can find you and follow your career?
I will soon have a fan page on Facebook, and of course there’s my blog on my website,, and my monthly blog on Twitter and my YouTube channel are my main haunts right now though.
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