From small wonder to big time success

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More than just a busty Latina bombshell, Foxxy is on the verge of conquering mainstream entertainment

Her youthful doe-eyed appearance still gets her carded and that curvy body simply begs to be caressed but it’s Foxxy’s stellar smile that you can feel all the way down to your hip pocket. An ever-present grin lights up every room this Latina bombshell walks into and conveys not only a genuine kindness but also her irrepressible sense of humor. After cementing a solid reputation as an adult performer and moving into mainstream projects Foxxy’s star keeps on rising but has yet to garner industry recognition for all of her accomplishments. Nominated for multiple awards over a near decade long career this dynamic yet down to earth transsexual superstar keeps challenging herself professionally by taking on diverse projects that expand her phenomenal talent. It is this talent combined with her stunning beauty and exuberant personality that makes Foxxy an entertainer you will want to keep an eye on!

TSFoxxy on the cover of Transformation
Fun, Fabulous, and Foxxy

Can you tell us where you were born and raised, and a little about your background. What parts of your upbringing prepared you for what you do now?

Hi there! As you all know I go by the name of Foxxy for stage and screen, but I was born and raised in the Sonoran Desert of Tucson, AZ under a name that will remain a secret! 😉   I grew up loving life, happy, energetic, and into the fine arts.  I loved to sing and would often lock myself in my room to pretend I was performing in a live concert. (lol)  I was also known to friends and family as the “dancing machine” who was always on the dance floor at parties and family gatherings.  As a kid my idol was MC Hammer (lol), I loved that he was all for his community, helping children get off the streets and stay in school.

I never knew how feminine I was, prancing around my room dancing and performing as if I was Whitney Houston but was never told it was wrong to sing girl songs, play with Barbie’s, spend hours in front of the mirror, and run around with the girls.  My family was very open and supportive in everything we chose to do as a hobby from sports or instruments, to allowing us to be kids and just be ourselves.  My favorite part of growing up was performing, acting, and singing on stage.  I think that’s why I love being in front of the camera today.  Expressing my artistic side and allowing myself to go as far as I can in life by taking every opportunity offered to me.

Anyone who follows you on Twitter knows that you are always out on the town with friends shopping, clubbing, and just having a ball! Are you often recognized and pursued? Do you prefer being approached by men or taking charge yourself?

Yes those who follow me on Twitter will get to know the real Me.  I am always on the go, having fun, with friends and family, and working hard so I’m able to enjoy life.  I often do get recognized out in public but not too many people get the nerve to come up to me because they claim to not want to interrupt me since I’m always with a company. But I get many emails or text messages telling me where they saw me and then I think back to who it may have been and when we would have made eye contact or given a smile. (lol)  Those that do come up to me usually do so when I’m alone, quiet, and bit shy. (lol)

You obviously have many womanly charms that light up any room you walk into, but I imagine that I’m not alone in my adoration of your most unique trait, your braces. Have you found them to be a turn on for your fans and what kind of reaction do you anticipate when they are removed?

Ha ha ha! Yes my braces are a trait that will never be forgotten as being one of the only transsexual performers to bring braces back.  It was a hard decision to get them as an adult and being in the film industry, but now I’m glad I did because not only did I make a statement, I realized how many men have a fetish for braces and tell me to never get them removed! I’m hoping that they come off at the end of this year or next year at the latest.  They told me I’m just about done, but that’s only if I don’t miss any appointments!

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