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Eva Lin will get your heart racing

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Newcomer Eva Lin gets your heart racing with her perfectly gorgeous body and angelic eyes but it’s her high energy performances that will make you a fan of this divine goddess for life! She has skyrocketed to fame by exhibiting her raw sex appeal in shoots for SMC Productions, Grooby, Kink, and Joey Silvera that will make you beg for more of her amazing tits and awe-inspiring bottom talents. Connecting with fans on her blog, twitter, and official website (www.evalinxxx.com) Eva continues to brand herself as a performer who really stands out among the biggest names in the transsexual genre. We’re thrilled to feature this exceptional beauty in the pages of Transformation as proof that Eva’s accolades are hard earned and well deserved!

Let’s start at the beginning: Can you tell us how you initially became interested – and later involved – in the adult industry?

I have always wanted to be an adult performer. I started by making amateur videos with my ex-boyfriend. Then I met Yasmin Lee and I asked her for advice on how to get into adult films and she mentored me for a while. I guess I just went for it and did my first scene with Grooby and that’s how it all started.

Who are some of your favorite studios and performers to work with?

My favorite studio is kink.com. They really know how to take care of their talents. I loved working with Christian and Wolfe Hudson. I also loved working with my girl Foxxy.

You were recently nominated for TS Performer of the Year at the Urban X Awards and are currently up for NightMoves’ Best Transsexual Performer coming up in October. Additionally, you collected a number of honors at this year’s Tranny Awards. How does it feel to be so highly recognized by the TS adult community and do you feel you have a solid chance at picking up the NightMoves award?

I believe that if I deserve to win then I will win. All I know is that I do my best when I perform. I never set myself up for disappointment because if I do then all my hard work is for nothing. I am always a winner and stay a winner. A dear friend told me recently “First be best, then be first.” As long as I know that I have my fans that are happy and supportive of me, I am happy :).

Can you tell us about your website, www.EvaLinXXX.com, and what fans who sign up for membership can expect?

I have hardcore scenes and softcore scenes available on my website for members. I also have a lot of beautiful HD pictures for members to enjoy. I will start doing more interracial scenes for my website in the future and also more solos.

Are there any particular industry talents (actors, actresses, directors, studios) who you want to work with very badly and why? What would be your dream scene?

Mmm, let’s see. My dream scene would be with Nacho Vidal. Nacho is the epitome of my typical man. I want to be his concubine, ha-ha, no really. He is so beautiful. I have already worked with the best directors in my niche so I can’t really comment on that. For women, I have always looked up to Belladonna. She is so beautiful and her sexual skills are beyond anyone’s in the industry. She is a goddess. If given the chance, I would do a scene with her in a heartbeat. And as far as studios, maybe Brazzers would consider a transsexual genre and I would love to work for them. Their scenes are always very well shot.

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Eva Lin
Eva Lin [PHOTO] www.evalinxxx.com