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From the tips of her tantalizing toes all the way to her smoky green eyes, TSJesse has a perfect combination of sweet girl-next-door looks and fierce feline sensuality; attributes which have kept her as one of the industry’s most popular models and performers since her debut nearly a decade ago. Just the thought of caressing her porcelain skin makes your cock twitch and bulge, imagining what it would be like to have her take control and ravish you in the bedroom. Jesse is intoxicating and addicting; one look and you are completely hooked.
Her rise to fame began as a web cam performer and became highly sought after for her unbelievable feminine body and diamond hard cock, which she wields as a natural top. Offers rolled in and soon Jesse was given the opportunity to create a solo site through SMC, the first on their network. With a background in photography and a keen eye for detail she produces some of the hottest, most tantalizing content on the web, which resulted in an XBIZ TS Performer of the Year award and sex toy line in 2012. It was no surprise when she walked away with the Best Solo Site prize at this year’s Tranny Awards, but what may astonish you is how such a sexually dominant person is as vulnerable and real as the rest of us.

You have lived your entire life as a female and your parents were supportive because, as you said, they never really saw you as a boy. Was this ever discussed openly, with a distinct transition from male to female, or was it more of a gradual, organic development everyone just understood?
Well, technically I didn’t really ever transition unless you count the boob job and I’ve never taken hormones. I always looked like this, so everyone thought I was a girl since I was little. It was always part of my life. I guess it was expected I would be a girl because when I told my mom that I’m a transsexual woman she just said “duh” as it was known always that’s who I was, and it was accepted as if I was born a genetic female.

You are genetically blessed with a naturally feminine body and have never felt the need for HRT, but do you ever wonder if you are missing any of the mental or emotional effects they might have on you? What are some of the beauty treatments or routines you have for enhancing your famous femininity?
I biologically have a lot of female hormones so I never needed to take any, and being a top I didn’t want them messing with my functionality. Plus, all the usual benefits they give t-girls were things I already had naturally so there just wasn’t any point in me taking them.
I do a lot of beauty treatments as I have enjoyed trying new products since I was around 14, so that is one of the major reasons I stay young looking. I also don’t drink, smoke or do drugs and don’t tan at all and I believe those are all major factors in maintaining my beauty.
One issue I’ve noticed about not taking hormones is that fat wants to store in my stomach  and as a result I do have to work extra hard in order to keep that in check. I have recently been on a regimen of healthier eating, detox teas, fiber and have started doing Pilates – added to my daily routines of stretches, squats (to build that round butt naturally) and leg lifts (to help build rounder hips naturally).

Speaking of bodies, I know that models must know their body intimately; they must know their assets as well as their flaws in order to make their imperfections work for them. What has your transition taught you about your body, and how do you use that knowledge to get the amazing photos seen on your site?
I’d say I know my body quite well by now, and I’ve always known what works for me innately; what features to flaunt and what to hide or not put as the main focus. I’m aware of my flaws and try to keep those unnoticed or hidden when I can, and I always make sure I have my eyes as the main focus of every picture I take. The rest of the image can just be OK but if those eyes reach out to the viewer they can save any bad pic and make it better. If you’re feeling bloated it’s pretty simple to work around; you don’t wear clothes that draw attention to it or take shots that focus on the stomach. Pick a different angle that flatters the body part you do feel good about, or use props to cover up that area. I studied photography in school and it’s a passion of mine so I find it easy to mesh modeling and photography. I’m able to get amazing shots because I know how to pose and what is going to look good.

This incredibly hot photoset caught my eye when you tweeted about them being one of your favorites. What is it that makes them so special to you?
That photo set is one of my favorites because I felt incredibly sexy, and we had such a lovely hotel to shoot in that it created a sensual, rich, playboy vibe. My website company partner SMC shot the pictures, and I personally edited them all. We work very well together, and we had a great connection because she knows I want glamour and erotic shots and cares as much as I do about how I look.

Is mainstream modeling something you would want to do? What could transsexuals bring to the fashion and marketing world that others couldn’t? With changing attitudes and perceptions of the trans community can you envision a world where transgender models would be as common as cisgender models?
I’ve always wanted to be a mainstream model. I wouldn’t necessarily say we could do things that genetic females couldn’t in mainstream modeling, but we could do whatever they can do just the same, so I wish we would be included. I do hope that day comes soon as I’d love to be on the cover of Vogue, Cosmo, Victoria’s Secret, etc. That would be a dream come true.

You triumphed over an unfortunate cosmetic procedure a few years back and were able to emerge with stunning results. Difficulty with finding a competent surgeon who specializes in feminizing procedures is a common occurrence in the trans community. What have you learned from that experience, and what advice can you share with others to help them in choosing a surgeon?
Well, I learned to do better research and get recommendations (talk to people who have had procedures done). The bad doctor I went to was in Beverly Hills, so I assumed he was perfect. Boy, was I wrong! He messed up the excellent boob job I already had and left me all messed up. It took 3 more surgeries from a different doctor and $22,000 to fix –  and I’m still not 100% satisfied.

What factors were involved in your decision to get into the adult industry? Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
Originally I got into the business to pay for a major operation for a cat I owned, and I continued in it as people in the business are less discriminatory. I’d rather be doing a job where I’m celebrated for being TS rather than a regular job where you’re whispered about or sexually harassed every day if you’re a transsexual. This occurred frequently in previous jobs I had before getting into the industry, but in the adult world I am admired and celebrated by fans and I enjoy what I do so that makes me happy. I’m hoping in 5-10 years to be married and still be on top of my game, or even higher, making great content for people to enjoy. With a bit of luck I will be crossing over to mainstream modeling and acting as well.

Your solo site is affiliated with SMC but you were responsible for getting it up and running, and the first attempts didn’t really pan out. You met with one group which had experience running a site for genetic girls but didn’t know anything about transsexuals. Describe what you think is different about a TS site versus other adult sites?
The one problem I had with that one “company” was they didn’t want to see me fuck guys. They were fine with guys fucking me and me sucking dick but it wasn’t OK for me to be in control since they were used to filming genetic girls getting fucked. They didn’t like that role reversal content idea. I thought, ‘well that’s really the point of TS; use what I’ve got, not just hide it and pretend like I’m a genetic girl. Then it wouldn’t be a TS site at all. This is what the focus should be for me, what I’ve got and me using it.
So it took a while to get my current site going the way I wanted it. Being a top I stand out already, that’s my niche. So I do what I enjoy doing on my site, which is topping and being the fantasy for the guys, whose dream is to enjoy being with a girl like me. As I’ve always said, isn’t that the point of a transsexual? A beautiful woman who just happens to have a penis and (is) using it; best of both worlds, as they say.

Let’s talk about the Fan Fuxxx section of your site because it is a major highlight among all your great content. What is the application and selection process like? How about the actual filming?
Well, no one else really does it, so it was something different and special I could offer my fanbase. I created the idea for my site about 5 years ago and am starting the 6th season right now actually. In order to apply fans/members must email me photos of their nude body, their face (I don’t allow hiding under masks, etc.) and their butt. If I like what I see, and they are in the area I’m in they get a chance to film with me; they don’t have to be supermodel gorgeous or a Mr. Fitness to be chosen.
They actually get treated just like a porn actor, they have to fill out paperwork and have proper IDs, and I give them a “stage name”. They usually aren’t too nervous as I do all the filming myself with multiple cameras so it’s just the two of us, which is more intimate and comfortable. They are more excited just at the thought of being with me.
Each video usually begins with me introducing the guy with his stage name, and I then have him strip for me. Next I come into the shot, and we start the oral, and then move to the sex and whatever else our imaginations can think up. I try to make the whole video interactive so we make a point to talk to the camera to involve whoever is watching the video later. It feels like we are making this fan video for them in the hopes they can be the next fan to film with me.

You beat out a huge field of competitors this year at the Tranny Awards and despite the small snafu with your name omitted from the nominees list it must have been an amazing experience to win! How does it feel to get recognition for the hard work you put into your site? How has your life changed since the big win?
It always feels good to be recognized and nominated, but it feels even better to win since I work really hard on everything I produce. It’s incredible to get acknowledgement for my website because I do most of the work myself; I do all of the hardcore video shoots and some of the photo shoots as well. I also work with a great photographer in LA for some photosets and most of my solo videos, but I do all of the photo editing thanks to my background in art and photography. I care about the content of my site, so I’m very hands on and am very proud of my work. I do it all for my fans, so recognition is unquestionably a plus in my book. Sadly, after you win awards it’s basically over by the next day. For example, when I won the 2012 XBIZ Transsexual Performer of the Year, nothing happened the next day. I didn’t get any interviews or more work or anything. So awards pretty much are just fun and exciting that day, but it’s an amazing day when you do win!

What creative ideas are you developing for your site these days? Can you give our readers a sneak peek at what is coming up later this year on www.ts-jesse.com?
I’m definitely going to be working on shooting as much content as I can to update even more frequently and give my members a great reason for signing up. I’m hoping to shoot a 3D movie soon but I’m not sure yet if it can be released online or if it will have to be on a 3D Blu-ray. Right now I’m just looking for a company to finance it as I already have an amazing 3D camera and plenty of hot ideas. The new season of Fan Fuxxx will be filming in the near future, and I’m hoping to do more shoots in various locations, including outside shoots. I’ve got some kickass ideas I’m hoping to get financed someday, so I can’t spill all my ideas or someone might steal them. So that’s my secret until those days come.
I don’t really have a social life so I have a lot of time to devote to my site. I do set a limit of work each day now so I have time to relax with a movie after I’m done. And I always make time for my coffees to keep my energy up during the day (laughs).

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