Courtney Summers

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When’s your birthday?


Where were you born?

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

What’s your nationality?

I’m Caucasian-Irish/Native American

What type of work do you do?

Exotic Dance

When did you discover you wanted to be a female?

When I was 18, I first dressed as a female, I loved the way I was treated and looked at much more than I did as a man.

What is the best or most exciting aspect of being female to you?

Being able to put my best, face and body forward to the public.

Do you date men or women?

Men and transsexuals.

What part of a man or woman’s body turns you on?

A man’s penis turns me on and the breasts of transsexuals.

Have you or are you planning to have plastic surgery?

I am planning to have breast implants.

Do you take hormones?

Yes, I have been taking them for 7 months.

What really gets you mad?

Being treated disrespectfully.

What would your dream vacation be?

I would love to go to a tropical island and be pampered by beautiful men.

Did you enjoy being photographed?


What was the most outrageous place or situation you’ve made love in?

In a flower bed by a school in New Orleans.

What do you like most about life as a female?

Being able to be viewed as beautiful.

Any advice to others or life philosophy you would like to share?

Never stop until you’ve achieved all your goals.

What are your ambitions?

To get breast implants.

Anything you want to promote?

I work at Papa Joe’s female impersonators in New Orleans.

This interview was originally published in Transformation 16 1997


Courtney Summers [PHOTO] Patrick Barnes