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Celine is one of Brazil’s hottest new Transsexuals to date, Celine has only been in the modeling world for less than a year and has already been featured in several websites and movies. Celine was Tonyaworld.com featured model several times during 2009 and has four full galleries throughout that year. I met Celine the summer of 2008 during one of my trips to Sao Paula, Brazil. I’m so lucky to have several friends and past models that tell all the fresh new models that I’m in town casting. I noticed Celine right away she stood out amidts the crowd of Transsexuals waiting for an interview. After meeting Celine I realized she would be a perfect model for Tonyaworld.com and cover for Transformation, so I thought what a perfect opportunity to sit down and asked all the question’s I know all you upcoming Transsexual’s, Crossdresser’s and admirers would love to know about Celine. We made plans to meet the next day in the restaurant of my hotel where Celine shows up wearing a beautiful floral printed sundress looking fresh, tan and ready to go just the way I love my models. Personality has a lot to do with being a great model and I try to bring out the personality in all my models inspiring them to be who they want to be and settle for no less. Celine’s English is about as good as my Portuguese so we were in for a fun day. After ordering drinks I pulled out my recorder and start the interview.

 Of course the obvious, when did you realize you were was a Transsexual?

I always knew I was different than the other’s but really realized it when I was eight.

Why when you were eight? What sticks out in your mind?

Because I was always trying on my moms dresses and lipsticks and shoes

while everyone was at work. Always combing my hair wanting it to be long like the other little girls.

How did your parents deal with this?

They always knew there was something different about me and with my feminine ways I’m sure they knew before I did. I mean my two older brothers were into soccer and I was into cooking and cleaning and playing with my dolls. I remember sticking my wewe between my legs running through the house pretending I was a girl. Being the youngest I was always babied and spoiled.

So your parents were understanding, how were your brothers ?

They really didnt care they always made up girl names for me and stuff like that. Except the time I had this little boy friend who thought I was the prettiest, sweetest little girl, we were in love. We had plans to me married and have babies then my older brother had to go tell him my little secret. Well he didn’t want to play house anymore. That’s Okay revenge is always served cold.

It’s so great you have such a wonderful out look on things. So moving on, how was high school for you??

Surprisingly it was fun and quite an adventure with all the locker room stories I could tell.

Well don’t just tease us tell us your most steamiest unforgettable looker room story.

Well first let me tell you I was only 5’ 2″,100 lbs. during the beginning of high school with long natural hair and a twitch in my walk that let the boys know I was coming. Boys would openly flirt and make jesters to me grabbing their cocks and shaking them at me especially during locker room time. My favorite time of all. I remember this tall basketball player who used to toss me in the air to hear me scream like a little girl then I would suck his huge cock.

When did you start your transformation with hormones and surgeries?

I started hormones early like when I was sixteen and developed nice breasts quickly and I got my implants when I was twenty. I’m real happy for now and just plan to enjoy life.

What are some of your goals and plans for the your future.

I started nursing school about a year ago and plan to finish and go into the health care industry. I also would love to travel and see Europe and The United States.

Do you plan to have the full surgery? If so why and If not why, what is your opinion of the subject?

I think that’s something that is for a girl to decide on her own, so many girls have the surgery and then become recruiters. What I mean if your not getting the surgery then they try to tell you you’re still a boy. I think we are who we are and chopping yourself up is not going to make you happy not unless you’re already happy with yourself. I’ve seen and known a lot of sex changes and everyone is different. What’s good for one girl might not be good for you.

You have been a delight and I’m sure everyone will enjoy your cover and layout, you can see the full galleries of Celine at Tonyaworld.com.

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