Trans Sex & Sexuality – Taboos & Triumphs

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Expert Article By Dr. John O’Dea It doesn’t matter where in the world we find ourselves or what religion the locals favor, sexuality is and has been a taboo subject for thousands of years. Celibacy is idealized as if abstinence were a virtue and sexuality itself inherently evil. However, sex is a physical necessity, like […]

The Future of Gender

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What does it take to be featured in Transformation Magazine? As the longest running TG/TS/CD/Drag magazine in the world we are always on the lookout for intriguing people with positive stories about their physical, emotional, or spiritual transformation. Every page in our magazine is a valuable opportunity for you to promote and market yourself however […]

An anal sex specific condom is being developed

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An anal sex specific prototype of a new generation of condoms is being tested by Boston’s Fenway Institute as part of a clinical trial by the US National Institutes of Health.Origami Condoms have developed a new kind of sexual barriers which simulate condomless sex and their anal condom hopes to be a game changer in […]