20 Centimeters

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With an “Almodóvarian” twist and the flamboyance of The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, director Ramón Salazar’s 20 Centimeters tells the story of Marieta (Mónica Cervera) a narcoleptic, transsexual woman who longs to get rid of 8 inches of equipment that separates her from being the glamorous person she dreams to be. When […]

Jessica And Hunter

AmazeBalls! Jessica And Hunter

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By JC Gardiner and Marlayna Lacie Long-time “BFF’s” and label whores to the end who thrive in their depraved, co-dependent friendship defined by cocktailing, shopping and celeb-stalking, JESSICA AND HUNTER personify everything marvelously loathsome and loveable about Los Angeles. Citing Kim Kardashian as their God and TMZ as their living bible, these two celebrity gossip […]