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Not My Job: NPR Asks A San Francisco Drag Queen About Queens, N.Y.

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This weekend on one of my favorite NPR shows, “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me”, did something unprecedented, they brought the wild and weird world of San Francisco drag into the living rooms of a traditionally conservative (and somewhat judgmental) audience. If you do go check out the feature page on just ignore the comments by […]

Lady Bunny Wigs Out!

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Interview by Miss Tasha LaBlush [PHOTOS] Billy Erb Photography ( Try stepping on a chaotic comet’s tail. It’s easier than keeping up with America’s globe trotting Queen of Low Down Comedy in High Heels…Lady Bunny…in her first Transformation cover interview. She’s a guilty pleasure wearing a flotilla blonde wig. Her Baby Doll delivery comes at […]

The Divine Wind: The Fat Lady was Harris Glenn Milstead

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By Miss Tasha LaBlush [PHOTO] Lynn Davis Were you ever teased as a child dear TRANSFORMATION reader? Teased because you were different and not accepted by the other children? Like so many transgendered people Harris Glenn Milstead was teased for being fat and effeminate. The name calling and harassment got so bad one day Glenn […]

Larger Than Life: Miss Misty Eyez

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Misty Eyes is a larger than life and ever evolving entertainer who wears many hats, and even more outrageous wigs! With the heart and soul of a mother, this quick-witted, energetic, and loyal entertainer is an artist, model, emcee, journalist, hostess, promoter and mentor, but most importantly, has become a friend to so many. “The […]