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By Tonya

Candy is one of the many beautiful transsexuals in Thailand, in their culture transsexuals are referred to as Kathoeys. In Thailand, Kathoey (who are often, but not always, transsexual) are accepted to a greater extent than in most countries, but are not completely free of societal stigma. Feminine transsexual Kathoey are much more accepted than gay male Kathoey; this may be seen as an example of heteronormativity. Due to the relative prevalence and acceptance of transsexualism in Thailand, there are many accomplished Thai surgeons who specialize in male-to-female sex reassignment surgery. Thai surgeons are a popular option for Western Trans people seeking surgery because of the lower costs. Thailand schools are also excepting with transgender bathroom for students, Candy has always been a Kathoey and has always lived as a girl. In the Asian culture transsexuals or Kathoeys are encouraged to be who they are born to be not like in other countries such as the United States. Candy was introduced to just shortly after turning 18 and getting her implants for a graduation gift. I just know all you readers and admirers are going to love getting to know Candy, so lets get started with her interview.


When did you first realize you were a Kathoey or Transsexual?

As far back as I can remember, it’s like I just knew I was unique and there was other Kathoeys in my family so being transsexual was excepted. I started hormones when I was in my early teens and had and developed breasts while still in school. Schools in Thailand have transgender bathrooms for the students.


You speak of other Kathoeys in your family can you share that with us ?

I have several Kathoeys in my family my mothers sibling who is very famous in the pageants and has several titles. She was one of my biggest influences while growing up watching her put on her make up and her exotic costumes performing with everyone watching every move she made not taking their eyes off her. I also have three cousins we all grew up together going to the shows and the pageants dreaming someday that would be us and now it is I enjoying entertaining and the art of the performance.


When and how did you learn to tuck your penis?

What a personal question, LOL I learned to tuck when I started trying on my auntie costumes and she showed me how to push my testicles up in side of me while pulling my penis back as far as I could stretching it back then holding it in place with a small G sting with strong elastic straps. (It’s called a gaff in the States ) most are personally made to fit each individual.


Do you date and if so do they know your Kathoey or transsexual?

Yes I love dating, dinner and dancing. I love to be pampered and yes all my admirers know of my unique gender that’s why they want to date me. In Thailand it’s a good thing to be transgender than just a regular woman. I have dated men who didn’t know but realized men who are like that are not as much fun.


What surgeries have you had and do you plan to have the full surgery?

I’ve had my breast enlarged with implants and plan to complete my full transformation surgery at sometime of my life. Most girls here usually have the surgery and get married. I’m not sure if that’s what I want to do I’m still young and enjoy the Kathoey life style.


What are some of your goals or dreams?

Like I spoke earlier I want to pursue my entertaining career and compete for titles and possibly be a designer and work in the silk flower industry. It’s an art form cutting and dyeing and shaping to create such beauty.


How far do you plan to go in the adult industry, have you done any movies or plan too?

I really enjoying adult modeling. I’m very secure with my body and enjoy posing, I haven’t done any movies as of yet but haven’t been offered any roles yet. Maybe with my cover and layout I’ll be more noticed.

This article originally appeared in Transformation 72

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