Beauty, brains and bravado, what’s not to love about Venus Lux?

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By Honore
Photos courtesy of Venus Lux

As a journalist I am bound by certain rules of impartiality but it’s hard to suppress my fangirl enthusiasm for the incredibly talented Venus Lux. We first got to know this gorgeous Asian dynamo early last year in a feature interview that nabbed the cover of Transformation 84*; she was still new to the industry but had already set herself apart as a performer and businesswoman, earning numerous award nominations and a fast-growing fan base. After another year of building her brand through a unique personal website (, shooting specialized DVD content and writing a regular column for Venus continues to take on new and diverse projects that put her on track to not only revolutionize transsexual porn but also change the perception of transgender women in society at large.
The past year has been completely crazy for Venus yet she embraces the fact that even more madness is coming up on the horizon. The already popular performer finds her shooting schedule rapidly filling up after winning the XBIZ Transsexual Performer of the Year and nabbing three Tranny Awards (Best Website, Best Scene and Best Hardcore Performer) and she is grateful for the new opportunities. “The XBIZ TS performer of the year is one of the most prestigious awards in the industry and I’m a little baffled that I won; I was up against a lot of competition, some very talented girls. It was a great honor and it has opened a lot of doors for me lately, though I think it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing, I doubt I would ever win it again.”

TS Venus Lux in purple corset
Simply stunning – Venus Lux

But even if Venus was not winning awards for her distinctive body of work there is little doubt she is breaking new ground in the genre and setting new standards for providing niche content for fans. So far this mission has mostly been part of building her own brand but she also hopes other girls can look up to her achievements as the entire genre rests on the precipice of a revolution. “Yes, I do hope girls are encouraged by me because they can change the industry, and because it is still so small and so niche they can help increase our visibility within it. The real explosion of the TS industry hasn’t even happened yet, like what we saw with the Gay porn niche—going from something which barely existed to a multi-billion dollar business. That has yet to happen for the transsexual genre and I’m expecting it sometime soon. There are more girls in porn now who are business-minded and focused, who are in it to be more than a one hit wonder.”
This is one of the reasons Venus is attending the Exxotica conventions in Ft. Lauderdale and Chicago, to help further evolve the TS industry. “I will be meeting fans and signing autographs and really just ensuring that there is a transsexual presence on the floor. It’s important to educate everyone at these conventions that there is this other genre and being there gets new and old fans more interested in it. I really hope other girls come out and represent us. Right now there aren’t too many performers in the business out in public being seen consistently. As more of the legendary porn stars retire or stop filming the new girls need to start coming out on a regular basis, to keep a face on our genre.”
In addition to getting out in public at every opportunity Venus is also back on webcam with a regular slot on, every Friday between 2-5pm. She has always enjoyed camming but took an extended break because of her intense traveling and shooting demands. “Now I’ll have a consistent schedule and will be doing all live hardcore. This will be something new for me so I’m giving it a whirl to see how it goes. It’s a new way of giving my fans a chance to interact with me. We have social media [like Twitter and Facebook] for some of this but it’s is so populated that you never really have a chance to interact with someone one on one. This gives my fans the chance to kind of meet me online, get a sense of who I am, not just as a pornstar but also as a person. I love to have that aspect in my life, that variety and the option in my life to talk to people, understand people, their interest in me and also what really turns them on. I don’t get to see new faces all the time when I’m on a closed set so webcamming is much more enjoyable for me. The fans can see me and talk to me, either through a chat room or directly through the camera.”

“I draw my inspiration from my fans, their responses and reactions help give me an idea of how to direct my scenes and content.”

As the owner of a fetish oriented business I took note that Venus puts an emphasis on femdom and BDSM as an option in her cam room, which she said is somewhat rare for most Tgirls. “From my experience watching other performers it is uncommon to some degree. Many of the girls are not very dominant nor are many willing to dominate a guy; they do tend to be a bit more submissive. For me, I’ve worked with, I have experience under my belt and it is something I like in my personal life, so I thought why not get in on this genre that is in demand? I’ve always loved the bondage/fetish lifestyle, what fetishes people have or are into; it’s something new and interesting for me to learn about. Plus, it’s a situation that applies to my life because I’m in such a powerful position running my company, and it translates very well when I get into a role as a dominatrix.”
“How I see it, these guys who want domination in mainstream straight porn, they get a girl with a strap on; I’m probably even better because mine is actually functional and it’s not made of silicone. Interests are evolving, guys want to try the real thing and so why not do it with a transsexual? They are not interested in other men; they are interested in femininity and interacting with a femdom. It’s definitely something I’m interested in from a business standpoint and on top of that it’s fun. If there are hot men willing to submit to me then why not??”
This passion for kink isn’t just delegated to her webcam performances either, Venus adds a definite flavor of femdom to her own website as well, which may be just the edge she needed in order to catch the attention of the Tranny Awards judges. “Winning the Tranny Award for best solo site was such an honor, to see all my hard work pay off. To get that kind of recognition is astonishing because my site is so niche, more dedicated to domme play and also switch and fetish play. I have dedicated fans but I don’t think I have such a large following that it would get me so much attention, and I’m so grateful to this day that I won that award. It’s mind boggling because I’m competing with so many amazing sites and girls who have been in the industry longer than I have and who often have more resources.”
With so many industry accolades and scheduled appearances Venus had plenty of momentum to build upon and has made plans for a world tour this summer, to develop a rapport with her overseas fans. Details are still getting worked out but she hopes to get to Hong Kong for the Asia Adult Expo in August and will visit London and Italy, where her popularity is soaring and a large fan base eagerly awaits.
From nasty hot to ultra sensual, Venus is a superstar in every sense of the word but still manages to remain as down to earth as they come. Having already acquired in incredible amount of success at the age of 22 the future holds endless possibilities for this talented young woman, and we will be there to share it all with you! Keep up to date with Venus on Twitter (@VenusLux) and be the first to hear about appearances, camshow schedules and website updates.
Venus will appear at Exxotica Expo Chicago July 11-13th, 2014

Venus Lux shot by Remy X
Venus Lux shot by Remy X

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