Allanah Starr

Allanah Starr

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Since her first taste of fame after appearing on “The Maury Povich Show” in 2002, Allanah Starr has never been out of the spotlight. With an astounding figure of 36DDD-24-40 measurements on a stunningly gorgeous 5′ 6″ frame, it is really no small wonder why she has taken the transsexual adult film world by storm. Allanah, who was born in Cuba and currently resides in New York City, has starred in nearly a dozen XXX films, modeled for countless men’s magazines, and performed at celebrity parties for everyone from Madonna to Gianni Versace.

As a businesswoman, she has signed on exclusively to Gia Darling Entertainment as the star and associate producer of her own series “Allanah Starr’s Big Boob Adventures”, and she continues to be most popular transsexual party promoter in NYC organizing three weekly parties and the largest TS party in the world every six weeks at Club Opaline in Manhattan.

Her fame has even crossed into the mainstream, as she’s been recently profiled by New York Magazine, The Village Voice, New York Press, The New York Post’s infamous Page Six, PlayBoy TV, Adult Video News Magazine, Bizarre Magazine, UK’s Channel 5 “Cosmetic Surgery Live”, The Edinburgh Television Festival, The Trisha Goddard Show (UK), NEW! Magazine (UK), and MTV.

On a personal note, Allanah enjoys traveling, shopping, theater, the arts, classic films, plastic surgery, interior design, the aesthetics, and dining out. A self described “workaholic” when not working or on tour, she spends her time with her friends and her three dogs Brigitte, Kaya, and Remy. She says of her life “Though I do work and travel a lot and I love the glamour of dressing up, and going to parties and events, on my down time I am a pretty low key, low maintenance person who also enjoys staying at home and savoring the simple pleasures in life. I am really not complicated and very down to earth and real about my life, what I do for a living, and myself.

Allanah was very happy to be asked to be featured in Transformation, and gladly provided us with an interview.


What made you decide to change your sex?

I have always felt much more feminine than masculine. As a child I always liked and wanted the clothes, makeup, and toys that girls had. My parents would always get upset because they would buy me cars, toy guns, etc., and I would never touch them. I was much more interested in my sisters’ toys. I really never felt right as a boy and in fact my parents had me tested when I was 14 to see if I had gender issues because I was so overly feminine. Can you guess what the psychologist said? I hate to be stereotypical but growing up for me pretty much sucked as I really felt like a complete outsider. I had no one to identify with and spent most of my young life isolated, harassed, and friendless just for being feminine. I first came out as a “gay” male at 16 and tried to fit in with that lifestyle. Soon my urges to wear makeup, buy female clothes, and grow my hair took over and I was struggling to fit into a subculture that worshipped masculinity while I was anything but. I realized that I would never fit in as a “gay man” because my problem was not homosexuality, it was my body. At 20, I knew that I could wait no longer and started to make the physical corrections that nature had failed me. I know now that I was bom this way and my whole life I felt like a girl. Becoming a transsexual was the best decision I ever made and I do not know if I would be alive today if I had not done so.


How long have you been a transsexual?

I have been living as a woman, taking female hormones, and having surgery to alter my appearance for about 8 years. I have been dressing since I was 18 but did not discover transsexuality until I was 20.


Where are you from?

I was born in Cuba and at the age of four my family moved to Miami to seek political asylum. My father had been a political prisoner and that is how we were able to get out. We first moved to New Jersey but after a year we moved to Miami due to my late grandmothers’ ill health. I grew up in South Florida and lived in Miami Beach after I graduated college for 3 years before moving to NYC. I am very grateful to now be an American as I know I would have never been able to live the way I do and be what I am back in Cuba.


Is your family accepting of your lifestyle choice?

Absolutely. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive family. They accept and love me for the woman I have become. I am especially close to my mother who has always been very tolerant of my decisions. Many transsexuals are often ostracized by their families but mine has been nothing but wonderful. I am very open about my life and work with my family. This might not be the best choice for everyone, but I decided long ago that I would live my life honestly and not be in fear of what my family, friends, or society would think.


Are you single?

Absolutely. You know, it is not that I like to be single but at this point in my life I want to be single. Don’t get me wrong, I love to date and be with someone, but after many failed relationships I am taking plenty of time to work on me, my life, and my career. It is often commented how difficult it is to find a good transsexual. Honey, I can only tell you that it is extremely difficult to find a good man! I have been loved but unfortunately I have also been lied to. As well, for some reason, most men do not take us “girls” so seriously. I always say “better alone than in bad company” anyway. I would love to be in love and live happily ever after, but I do not believe in Hollywood endings so I watch more foreign films. Of course, I also have a very demanding schedule that does not permit much personal time.


Do you like men and/or women sexually?

I prefer men. I have always had sex with men in my personal life. My work has allowed me to film and expand my sexual horizons in ways I never thought I would have. I never had sex with other women or transsexuals until I became involved in porn. I am very open minded to all experiences and do not classify or pigeon hole myself into any category. I think life is about being experimental and trying out new things. When I was young, I thought I would never in my life have sex with a woman and look at me now!


What do you like to do for fun?

I like to do a variety of activities. I love art and am a lover of museums, galleries, and exhibitions. I would say that my favorite museums is the Saatchi Gallery in London as I am a big fan of contemporary art. Some of my favorite artist include Mondrian, Dali, Warhol, and the Chapman Brothers. I also love films. Especially the classics and film noir. My two favorite movies are “Sunset Blvd.”, “What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?”, and “Mommie Dearest”. I am obsessed by old Hollywood and love reading biographies of the great stars of yesterday. Recently, I have started collecting Hollywood memorabillia and I am especially fond of thank you notes written and signed by Joan Crawford. Europe travel has recently become a passion and I enjoy Paris and London the most. Like any other girl, I am a shop-a-holic and have a serious addiction for designer bags and shoes. I’m most interested in aesthetics, makeup artistry, interior design, modern furniture, fashion, French History, theater, foreign cinema, architecture, and of course, plastic surgery. I think that pretty much covers the basics but I am always interested in stimulating things.


Are you a top or a bottom?

I am very versatile.


Are you fully functional?

Yes I am functional and happy to report that the plumbing is in order! Just check my pics out!


Why are most transsexuals involved in the sex industry?

The number one reason is money. This is a very hard and expensive lifestyle. You need a lot of money at a young age to change your entire physical appearance. I would assume most girls spend over $100,000 for the entire change. I know there is a lot of work that needs to be done! Very few TS ladies I have met have had little or no work done. It’s not that most girls are forced into this, but you have to decide whether you are going to look good or look busted working at McDonald’s. I hate to sound cynical but society often has out on the fringes. Most girls don’t get an education or are able to work regular jobs so they are often forced into a street life at a very young age.


Are you into other transsexuals sexually?

I have had sexual experiences with other transsexuals and some have been great.


Tell us about your websites and your new DVD series?

I currently run two websites. One is my personal XXX website which I opened about three and a half years ago. I just recently had it redesigned and I am so happy with the new look it features. It has become one of the most popular transsexual operated sites on the net today, and it features not only myself but hundreds of my beautiful transsexual friends from around the world. I am very proud of my website because when I decided to do it I not only wanted to open it as business, but make a fan site with a lot of free information available to the average visitor. Apart from being filled with hot, sexy models and hardcore action, it is a very personal website as well.

The other website I run is which is dedicated to my three weekly parties in Manhattan and my monthly world famous themed events. There you may find up to date details regarding all of my promotions, party pics, history, and FAQ’S. Recently, I also signed with Gia Darling Entertainment, as their first ever contract girl to star and associate produce my signature series “Allanah Starr’s Big Boob Adventures”. It is going to be a six part, ground breaking series with some of the hottest she-male action ever filmed in porn. The first was released on Oct. 15, 2005 and has caused quite a media stir and has attracted a lot of attention from the mainstream and adult press as it features myself having sex with Buck Angel who is a female to male transsexual. Never before in porn history has that been shot before- a sex scene between a pre-op male to female transsexual and pre-op female to male transsexual. It was really wild and lots of fun! I am really interested in pushing a lot of boundaries with this series, and that was great fun.


What is your greatest sexual fantasy?

To have amazing sex every night with someone I am utterly and most completely in love with! Then again, a huge gang bang might do! That is the great thing about my job, I get to do it all!


What is the kinkiest thing you have ever done?

Honey, I have seen it and heard it all, literally. But the most bizarre act I engaged in was with this gentleman who wanted me to walk in place wearing black men’s suede shoes, repeating the word “black” over and over as he lay on the floor and masturbating while quoting famous lines from the wrestler “The Rock”. I did recently also get a fan letter from Yugoslavia from a man who wanted to have sex with donkeys, chickens, and various farm animals. That is beyond my understanding or reach. Some people are just really, really out there. And you thought you were weird because you like girls with penises?


Why did you choose to become a porn star?

I love being an exhibitionist, I love sex, and I love men!


Are you going to have a complete sex change?

This is a question I get asked a lot. I must say in the future I believe so. I am totally happy and comfortable with who I am right now, and I have no problems with my sexuality or penis. A sex change is not for everyone. A lot of transsexuals choose to remain pre-op and criticize sex changes, vice versa. This is a highly personal decision and you must make it for personal reasons and to not satisfy anyone else. I do not see myself getting old and being middle of the road, sort of speak.


What is the difference between a transvestite and a transsexual?

Lifestyle. A transvestite only dressers in woman’s clothing part time, be it for fun, sex, to attract men or women, and does not take female hormones. A pre-op transsexual takes hormones and lives 24/7 as a woman. A post op transsexual has had the final vaginoplasty surgery to invert the penis into a vagina-NO IT IS NOT CUT OFF. Dr. Eugene Schrang is one of the best sexual reassignment surgeons in the world and his site is very informative.


How much plastic surgery have you had, and what?

Plastic surgery is indeed a passion of mine and I bossed with correcting my body. Maybe its because I grew up so ugly that I am obsessed with my personal beauty. I do not however consider myself to be beautiful, but I do look better than I did when I was young. Some of the surgeries I have had are a brow lift, eye reshaping, ears pinned back, four nose jobs, a lip lift, cheek bone implants, a chin implant, complete reconstruction of my jaw bone and chin, upper hip augmentation, neck lipo, adams apple shave, 4 sets of implants, a breast lift, a nipple reduction, full body liposuction and some 200 or so cosmetic procedures and silicone treatments. In total I have had 45 different types of surgeries so far.


What type of men do you like?

Nice ones! Personality wins over anything in my book. Some of the most gorgeous people are so ugly inside that I find them repulsive. Of course I have to be sexually attracted to a guy, but if he is nice too, 1,000,000 extra points!


How do you stay in shape?

My weight is always a battle for me. There is a fat person hiding inside! Seriously, I have a very hard time keeping it off. I work out four to five times a week, I have a trainer and I follow the Atkins diet. I fall off the wagon here and there, but hey, I am only human. I don’t do drugs and I do not smoke and drink occasionally. Also lots of water and lots of hot sex!


Thank you so much Allanah!

No, Thank you! I really enjoyed this and I hope your TRANSFORMATION readers enjoy me very much. Everly yours!

Catch up with Allanah on twitter @AllanahStarrNYC


This article was originally published in Transformation 56 2006

Allanah Starr

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  1. Hi, I am kev from the U.K and i came to NYC about 5 years ago to one of Allanah’s parties & especially to meet her…. I took one look at her and realised she was out of my league so i left:( Not a day as gone by that I havn’t regretted my decision to leave without speaking to her & would very much like to come back to NYC to meet her???? can anybody help me with some contact information please?

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  2. I have never been so attracted to a woman in my life as I am to Allanah Starr! I am worried about her HIV status. Does anyone know if it is true! She did a lot of bareback and multiples! She and Long Mint are rumored to have HIV. I know long mint is a carrier but I do not know about Allanah! I hope she is fine. A more beautiful phical woman there is not! She is perfect! Moe Di Pace

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