Transformation 96 (Part Two): A chat with @SadieKross of Finland

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The people you see in this issue illustrate trans life in their corner of the world, and help show us the true meaning of beauty, international or otherwise. Our two part interviews cover both the cultural heritage and personal beliefs of these brave individuals, and inspire greater understanding of transgender experiences around the world.

Sadie Kross, Finland

TWITTER: @SadieKross
PHOTO CREDIT: Pentti Manninen

Part one of this interview can be found in Transformation 96: The International Issue

What do you like to do in your free time?
 What comes to hobbies gym and running are on top. Doing workout is a way of life for me. I also go to the shooting range, and shoot also with a bow. I would like to start Krav Maga (self defense) again after a break. Modeling is also one thing I enjoy a lot, but it’s quite an occasional thing as it’s really hard to find photographers in Finland due my background.

Do you have any fantasies? 
I believe everyone has ;D But it’s another story (;

Transition is physical, emotional, and social, all of which present different types of challenges. Tell us about your experience of them if you could.
 Biggest challenge was physical, and maybe still is a bit. I’ve undergone a lot of surgeries and learning to speak with a new tone was also a huge challenge. Surgeries require money and acquiring that money has caused a lot of stress. Recovering from them hasn’t feel like an issue. I haven’t faced any discrimination, but have found myself kind of like an outcast, lonely. People have a lot of prejudices which has brought a lot disappointments. It has become really hard to find good and genuine people into my life. Luckily my family hasn’t let me down.

What are you the most proud of so far in your life? What are you working towards now?
 That I accepted the challenge to transition. There’s still some work to be done, but my main goal is now to establish a serious relationship. I value partnership and relationships with people over material.

Sadie Kross of Finland (photo: Pentti Manninen)

Describe the 2-3 events that most shaped your life.
 I was bullied throughout my youth which taught me to survive and mental toughness. Admitting for myself that I’m a transgender and going for transition allowed to be myself. It took a lot of weight off my shoulders.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? Best gift? 
I don’t know is this actually advice, but I was encouraged to do transition. When looking afterwards, if I would not have done it I wouldn’t feel whole. Maybe it can be put in words “dare to be who you really are.”

What gets you riled up enough to lose your temper? 
If someone gets me to lose my temper it’s really an achievement 😀 Usually it requires a lot of work and continuous bugging over something. Maybe the easiest way is to assume I would be just some sex object who exists to fulfill fantasies. Like I wouldn’t be a human being with emotions. Besides that I don’t tolerate abusing, mental or physical violence.

Fitness is very important to you. What are some of your top tips? It’s all mental (; I do fitness 5-7 times a week. I have days when I would like to skip workout, but it’s mostly pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Having a clear goal is a necessity. Like in everything I do, I set a goal and then it gets much easier to achieve something.


Part one of this interview can be found in Transformation 96: The International Issue

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