#80 Release party @ MJ’s

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jazzmunHi Dolls, what’s happening!!!! This is Ms. Jazzmun reporting from the City of the Stars, Hollywood, California!

A few nights ago I was lounging around getting my manicure done and while the lacquer was drying I happened to miss a call from my dear friend Marlayna Lacie. Ms. Lacie and I have known each other for ages, and I need thank her once again for featuring me on the cover of her TV EPIC magazine. I must tell you all that it was one of the most thrilling moments of my life!

After I finished my manicure, I called Marlayna back and she asked me to bring you the 411 on the trans-fan-tastic TRANSFORMATION release party we did for issue #80 featuring the fab boo Nicci Tristan on the cover. Many here in HELL-A will tell you that hottest trans-party show in town is CLUB GODDESS where yes, TRANSFORMATION rules!!!

CLUB GODDESS is the sexiest transgender club happening, and is located in the Silverlake district of East Hollywood at MJ’s Nightclub. MJ’s is a premier club for the LGBTQ
community and all of its friends and admirers; all are welcome with open arms!

You might be asking yourself what CLUB GODDESS is all about. True to its name, it is a club full of goddesses! We always attract a diverse crowd from across the globe, filled
with a bevy of beauties and the men who admire them. Week after week the guests come in wonder and leave in amazement! While this may seem intimidating, fear not, for from the minute you arrive the goddesses go to great lengths to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves.

One sexy TGirl showing her assets!

CLUB GODDESS drops the bomb and runs from 9pm till 2am every Monday night, with a show at midnight that will melt your popsicle, so come on down and join the fun! The
goddesses featured in the show are Leslie, Aubrey, Gia, Vanessa, Aliana, and Gizelle, whowill mesmerize you with their femininity and charm, to seduce you as you are drawn into their world through their song and dance. After a night with them, you will forever be enthralled by the girls of CLUB GODDESS!

I personally preside over the festivities, and I welcome each and every one of you to come on down and join us for good music and drinks, a night of fun, and the hottest show in
town. Ifyou are celebrating a special occasion, be sure to let me know ahead of time and we’ll work with you to create a special experience for your event. Don’t be shy… birthdays, bachelorette parties, divorces, circumcisions… any occasion can be blessed by the goddesses!

This evening we had a blast as you can see and Photo AI (www.altomicvisuals.com) was working it all night long! Hopefully and most likely you are “verking it” too Dahlink as you peruse and enjoy the photos he took for all who read and are fans of TRANSFORMATION magazine.

MJ’S is located at 2810 Hyperion Ave  Los Angeles CA 90027


This article originally appeared in Transformation 82